10 Creative Blog Post Ideas that Attract Customers

Let me help you come up with great ideas about what to blog about.

I’ve been blogging seriously for a few years.  One thing I know is that it can get tough.  It can be hard to figure out what to write about.  Sometimes I sit down in front of my computer and I just draw a blank.  If you have ever felt that way, then guess what?  Congratulations!  You are human.  We all go through that and it so normal.  But have no fear, I have created a list of blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  Here is the list.  BTW, I’ve created a printable PDF copy of this list so you can print it out and keep in handy.  So whenever you need it you can just grab it and write.  Click the button below to get it.

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  1. The History of ___________________.  Tell your readers the history of your industry or niche.  This is on the physiological tip because your goal is to be seen as an expert, leader and authority in your field or niche.  So, if you relay to them background information on your industry or niche, you will be automatically seen as knowledgeable in this space.  The more your readers see you as knowledgeable or a leader, they will come to you.  You will become the go-to person and customers and clients will come to you for information and buy your products and services.
  2. Make a video tutorial.  As I stated previously, your goal is to be seen as an expert, leader and authority in your field or niche.  Therefore, showing people how to create a new dish or do a new exercise for abs is very powerful.  And you don’t have to get fancy to make the video.  Just use your phone to make the video.  Upload it to YouTube and embed it in the blog post.  Viola!
  3. The Definitive Guide to _____________________________________.  One thing I preach is to educate your readers for free.  If you can do that well, you will make many customers.  So, take a topic in your industry or niche that really interests your readers.  I suggest checking the news and social media to find out what the current hot topics in your area are.  Then, create a guide for people to read.  Also people love guides and you are putting yourself in the position to be seen as an expert or authority in your field.
  4. How I can Help You.  This is a great way to talk directly to your readers.  Another thing I preach is that people will buy from you if you solve a problem, need or pain point they have.  So if you can help them in some way, you can make a buck.  So, write a blog post that describes 1 or 2 of your products and services.  The key is you need to show how your products and services can help your reader.  Cuz it’s all about the customer!
  5. 10 Random Facts About _______________________________ .  If you can shed a new light or give some rarely-known information or your industry or niche, readers will gobble that up.  As a blogger, you want to stand out and be unique.  As a result, try to find some little known, humorous or informative facts about your field and put them in a blog post.
  6. New ____________________________________________ (insert name of your industry here) Bloggers to Watch.  This is a great post to write because bloggers tend to help each other out.  As a general rule, you should frequent the top bloggers in your industry or niche.  You can become a popular blogger if a larger, more established blogger shouts you out on their blog.  So, this is a great way to connect with new, up and coming bloggers.  Or a good way to get noticed by those bigwigs.  Make sure to link back to the blog of each blogger you mentioned.  I am sure some of those bloggers will be grateful for the exposure.
  7. A Day in the Life of a _____________________ (insert your name or job title here).  People buy from people they know, like and trust.  So, in addition to showing yourself as knowledgeable in your space, you have to connect with them personally in some way.  What better way to do that than to invite them into your everyday life by showing them exactly how you do what you do.  It also a great way to show potential clients and industry partners who may want to work with you your work ethic, organization and management skills.  Plus, people love seeing what goes on “behind the scenes’.  So, give them a glimpse of that in your blog post.
  8. 5 Reasons Why I Love My Readers.  This harkens back to getting your readers to like, know and trust you – building that relationship with your reader.  And it truly is all about the customer.  As you blog more and more and create income, you will interact with your readers.  You help them with your products and services but tell how they helped you feel more fulfilled (or whatever) in your business.    This is a good time to talk about a customer success story or maybe just show out readers who frequently leave comments on your blog posts or social media accounts (i.e., Facebook page).
  9. Write about your favorite technology tool.  Here is an interesting concept.  People love to know the tools that successful people use.  They feel that if they have the tools that successful people use, then they too will be successful.  Look at the Jordan brand.  They don’t sell Michael Jordan meal plans or workouts, they focus on his tools – his shoes!  So if you show people what you use to do what you do (i.e., get your work done better, faster and cheaper online), chances are they’ll consider using it too. help them
  10. What’s Next in ______________________ (insert name of your industry or niche here).  People love to figure out what is going to happen in the future.  If this were not the case, astrology would not be a billion dollar industry.  People definitely love to read about what’s hot in an industry.  However, people also love to read about what is up and coming or on the horizon.  If you can get good at forecasting where your industry is going, you can create a strong readership.

Download FREE Cheat Sheet of “10 Creative Blog Post Ideas”

Which blog post idea are you going to blog about?

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