Did you know that the second week of June is National Email Week? Well, since it is, we are going to take the opportunity to go over some do’s and don’ts of email etiquette.


Please do not use all capital letters in the your sentences. Also, don’t use multiple punctuation marks (like exclamation points or question marks) at the end of your sentences. It gives off a very strong tone of voice. This is something you especially don’t want to do in your workplace correspondence. Please know that all your work emails can be tracked or monitored. So, if you are mad, you might want to seek out mediation instead of airing out your feelings via email. If you aren’t mad, using all caps will definitely give off that impression. So, don’t use them since that’s not the tone you want to project. Remember, once you hit the ‘send’ button. You can’t take it back. So be care what you write and how you write it.

EMAIL Tip #2 – Think Before You Hit the “Send” Button
Before you send out your emails, please double check who you are sending them to. Did you CC somone by accident? Did you blind copy yourself to save the email? Are you sure that everyone you are sending your email to actually should be getting this email? This may sound silly but everyday we hear of someone forwarding a picture to someone they shouldn’t or they thought they were sending it to one person privately but they actually sent it to a whole bunch a people. Remember, once you hit the ‘send’ button. You can’t take it back. So be care what you write and who you send it to.

EMAIL Tip #3 – Use Email For the Appropiate Reason
Email has changed the speed of communication. “Snail mail” has taken a back seat to email. It’s used in the workplace, for personal reasons and many other situations. That being said, email is not appropiate for everything. Do not send email when you should actually send a letter. For example, if you are applying for a job, unless they specifically request submissions via email, send your resume and cover letter through the mail. Send your thank you notes through the mail. There is nothing that makes a greater impression than receiving a hand-written thank-you note. Do not send your wedding invitations out via Evite (don’t laugh because some people have. I know we are in a recession or “economic slow-down” but c’mon!). So, use email freely but know when it’s appropiate not to use it.

EMAIL Tip #4 – Answer Your Email
This may sound basic but how many times have you sent someone an email and didn’t get a response. It is professional to respond to email in an timely manner. It is appropiate to give a 24 hours for an email response. If you don’t know how to respond to the email you received, send a quick email saying your working on it. But don’t avoid responding all together. That’s not cool!