Recent disasters can strike anytime and at any place.  Our heart breaks for the tsunami victims in Japan.  Use these tips below to prepare you and your family.

  1. Text messaging will still work even if cellular networks fail.  So, if you can’t make a cell phone call, text everyone to make sure they’re safe.
  2. If you can get to an online network, use Facebook and Twitter for family members to check-in there.  Think about creating a family page just in case.
  3. Two-way radios work in any situation and they only cost about $60.  The radios have dozens of channels for families to communicate over.  Buy them before-hand and store in your emergency kit. 
  4. Buy a radio that’s powered via a wall outlet, batteries or an included solar panel.  Along those same lines, buy phones that jack directly into the wall.  They cost about $10.  These phones don’t need a base or charger.  They will work if the electricity goes out.
  5. Also download apps like GroupMe and Emergency Distress Beacon.  GroupMe is a free app that lets up to 25 pople text, talk  and share locations.  The Emergency Distress Beacon send out your GPS coordinates via email or text message.