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WHO Is dr. marcella wilson?

Hi, there!  I am Dr. Marcella Wilson.  I am a mom to 3 amazing girls – a 10 year old “pre-tween” as she calls herself and 7-year old twins.  By day, I am an online professor teaching Information Systems and Computer Science.  But at night, after my family has gone to sleep, I put my mommy blogger hat on and blog until the wee hours of the morning.  The purpose of my blog is to educate moms on blogging, social media and online course creation.  And basically, anything pertaining to running your blog as on online business.  So, if you have been dreaming about starting a blog, I am here to help you make that a reality.

What is This Blog About?


This blog is a resource for moms who want to start their own blog.  In the early days of this blog, I blogged solely about technology and gadgets.   I got a lot of media attention blogging about technology and was interviewed on numerous online, radio and print media outlets including Redbook magazine, MSNBC News, Fox News, and The Detroit Press.   But then a funny thing happened.  Many of my mom friends asked me to help them create their own blogs because they wanted to stay home with their kids and make money online.  They knew a profitable blog would allow them to contribute to their household income and provide things for their family like private school, vacations, dance class and gymnastics.  So, I began writing blog posts to help moms start a blog and make money online.  

And let me just say that everyone is welcome here and anyone can benefit from the information on my blog.  However, my blog “speaks” to moms and their experience.  So if you’re not a mom or a female, so what.  Welcome.

But, I get it.  You’re a busy mom with a lot on your plate.  You may really want to start a blog but you’re scared of the tech involved to set up a blog or feel like you really don’t have the time to start a blog right now.   Maybe you feel like you can’t pay for another online course where you feel like the price wasn’t worth what you got in return or you didn’t learn what you really needed to know.  But trust me, you are in the right place.  I have a lot of education (B.A. in Journalism, M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science) and experience (Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems for a decade) in blogging, social media, computers and the Internet.   As a professor, I have been formally trained on how to teach and create online courses.  I know there are a lot of people out there teaching others how to blog and stuff.  And I’m not tryna knock their hustle.  Kudos to them!  But if I can’t teach you how to blog or create an online course, I don’t know who can.  You are in good hands.  I am more than happy to share what I know to help make your blog a success. 

If you don’t have a blog or online business but want to start one, use my STEAM formula to get started.

S – Should I start a blog?    3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Mom Blog

T – Think about it.  What should you blog about?   What to Blog About: Decide in 3 Easy Steps

E – Embark on your journey!  Set up your blog!    6 Super Simple Steps to setup a WordPress blog

A – Author it up! Get to writing your blog   Anatomy of a Blog Post: 3 Steps to Write a Killer Blog Post

M – Make Money Blogging   From FREE to FEE: 7 Steps on How to Make Money Blogging

Get your blog up and start picking up steam to create the life of your dreams. 


I am sure you are not learning how to blog just for the fun of it.  If you are like a lot of my other friends, you want to learn how to blog so you can make money online.  And that’s a beautiful thing.  I believe that if you learn how to blog, use social media and create online courses correctly, then you will start to bringing in insane amounts of traffic and make money online.  Because the more you know, the more your blogging business can grow.  Therefore, with each blog post I write and course I offer, it is my goal that you come away having learned something.  So you can ultimately earn more money.  Start learning more so you can earn more by taking my FREE 7 – day email course “How to Write Blog Posts that Generate Income.”


My blog also helps busy moms lose weight.  I had an AMAZING opportunity to be a participant in Redbook Magazine’s Wedding Dress Challenge.  The goal was to lose enough weight so I could fit back into my wedding dress.  Over the course of several months, Redbook magazine provided me with a celebrity fitness trainer, a nutritionist and all the tools I needed to lose weight.  During this wonderful experience, I lost 18 pounds and learned from the pros about working out, dieting and weight loss.  And I love to share all that information with my readers.  So if you wanna more, check out my blog posts, “How Redbook Magazine Helped Me Lose Weight Fast” or “What I Ate to Lose 10 Pounds in a Month.” 

You’re in the right place!

So welcome and feel free to look around.  Because what you will find on my blog are real, attainable solutions to issues moms face every day.  If you’re a  wanna-be mommy blogger trying to get your blog to turn a profit, you’ll find eBooks and online courses on how to start and monetize a blog.  If you are still trying to lose that last 15 pounds from a baby you had 2 years ago, I’ve got an eBook, “The Busy Mom’s Guide on How to Lose Weight Fast!” that details how I lost around 20 lbs. during my experience with Redbook magazine.

And while you are here, sign up for my weekly email newsletter so you’ll be notified about my upcoming trainings, events, courses and new blog posts.  As a thank you for signing up for my emails, I’ll send you my FREE Cheat Sheet called “The Blog Post Blueprint: 7 Secrets to Write Blog Posts that Sell.”  Also, follow me on  Facebook , Pinterest and Twitter.  I’m also a budding photographer and took all the photos on this blog.  If you want to see more of my photography and get a behind the scenes look at my crazy life, click here to follow me on Instagram.  You can always email me at marcella at marcellawilson dot com to ask me a question, if you need help or if you just wanna say hi.  Thanks for stopping by!


Dr. Marcella Wilson

10 Fun Facts About Dr. Marcella Wilson

  1. I love Prince.  I have all of his music and I have even been to his home/museum, Paisley Park.
  2. I cannot tell my twins apart but thankfully their personalities are like night and day.  My oldest daughter can always tell them apart and sometimes I have to ask her to tell me who is who.  I know they will trick me when they get older and I’m okay with that – lol!
  3. I check my H&M app every day to see what’s on sale.
  4. I think I love the Disney movies more than my kids do!  And yes, I know all the words to all the songs – especially the songs in Moana and Frozen.  “Let it gooooooo…”
  5. I am a cookie monster.
  6. And speaking of food, I have a steel stomach.  I will eat anything.  I could have been on that show “Fear Factor” eating crazy stuff!
  7. Since we’re on the subject of TV, my favorite shows are “The Walking Dead”, “Game of Thrones”, “Homeland” and reality singing show competitions (I know, I’m kinda ashamed to admit that…) .   I miss “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” 🙁
  8. Paris is my favorite international city.  New Orleans is my favorite American city.
  9. I don’t watch scary movies anymore.  I’m a scardy cat.  I will watch a slasher flick if it’s not too gory.  But horror films?  Nope, can’t do it.
  10. I skipped the 2nd grade.


Dr. Wilson has a doctorate and master’s degree in computer science. She has conducted extensive studies on how online social networks impact face-to-face social networks. Her dissertation was the first to document how older adults use online social networks. Her cutting-edge research also examined the contrast between how older adults, young adults and the general population use social media, blogs and email.   She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

As a result of her dissertation work, Dr. Wilson became a sought out expert in the media on how to effectively mix technology with your life, love and work.  Dr. Wilson has been featured on Fox 45 News and WUSA 9 News. She has also been interviewed in numerous online, radio and print media outlets including Redbook magazine, MSNBC News, Fox News, and The Detroit Press.

During Dr. Wilson’s educational career, she received numerous fellowships from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Bowie State University and the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  During her professional career, Dr. Wilson has been honored numerous times by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Bowie State University for her research achievements in the area of social media networks.   Currently, Dr. Wilson teaches graduate Information Systems courses at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

While Dr. Wilson’s education, experience and accolades are plentiful, it is her passion is helping moms use their blogs to increase their brand, get media attention, attract clients that excites her most.  “At least once a day, I get asked by a friend, acquaintance or via email how to run a business online or how to blog or how to use their blog to get more money and clients.  It is my joy to help others turn their expertise, dream or passion into viable online business and show them how to make money so they can live a lifestyle they dream of” she says.