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disneyland california

Me and my girls at Disneyland. Actually, we are in the hotel lobby across the street but you get the point!

Hey, there!  I am Dr. Marcella Wilson and welcome to my blog!

When I grew up, I always thought I’d live in a big city like New York City and be a supermodel (cuz I’m super tall!!!).  Well, I did live in New York City for a minute while I tried my hand at modeling. But that whole supermodel thing didn’t pan out quite like I thought it would.  Mainly because I fell head over heels in love with computers – and my soon-to-be husband. I adored computer so much that I ended up going to grad school and got my master’s and doctoral degrees in Computer Science.  And me and my new hubby set out to start our new life and create a family in suburbia.

I have been happily married for over a decade and am a proud mama to three girls, including a set of twins.  Trust and believe that someone is always crying in my house – most of the time it’s me, lol! Just kidding! Well, not really, but anyway…  

I am a Information Systems professor and mommy blogger.  Once I went back to grad school, my goal was to become a professor.  I knew it was an awesome, flexible job that is great for mommies.  However, I had no intentions of becoming a mommy blogger.   This blogging stuff just all kinda happened accidentally.

When I was home after having my twins, I decided to start blogging as a way to stay current in my industry.  Much to my surprise, people started reading my blog. But I was really shocked when TV producers and reporters wanted to interview me for tech stories they were covering.   Pretty soon, I began appearing on television and in the media regularly.  You can see all the press I’ve done HERE.

I loved working with the media but I was conflicted.  I had 3 small children at home and I was traveling a lot – sometimes at a moment’s notice – for media appearances.  I was tired and exhausted all the time.  I really just wanted to be home with my girls.  

Right around the same time, many of my friends and acquaintances began asking me to help them design websites, help them with social media and start a blog for their business.  Others would call and ask me questions about blogging or want me to consult for them. So because of this steady stream of work I began to get, I decided to move away from technology and began to focus my blog on helping moms create successful blogs so they can stay at home with their family and create the life they want to live.   It was awesome because I could do all of this in the comfort of my own home.

What is This Blog About?

This blog is a resource for moms who want to start their own blog.  I help them…

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What This Blog is NOT About

This blog is not about how to get rich quick.  Yes, I make money blogging and so do many other bloggers.  However, this blog teaches you how to use your blog as a way to advertise and market your skills, services and products online to get clients and customers.  I also talk about affiliate marketing and side hustles as a way to make money. But in no way am I promising that you will make tons of money just by blogging.  I believe that having skills pays the bills. If you think you can make lots of money overnight by blogging, you are in the wrong business!

Also this is not a lifestyle mommy blog.  I may talk about my kids and fashion here and there.  But the main purpose of my blog is to help moms who feel like they don’t have enough time to start a blog or it will be too techy or complicated to set up or run, get started.  

You’re in the right place!

So welcome and feel free to look around and come back often!  And be sure to sign up for my email newsletter so you never miss a post from me.

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You can always email me at marcella at marcellawilson dot com to ask me a question, if you need help or if you just wanna say hi.  Thanks for stopping by!


Dr. Marcella Wilson

P.S. – And let me just say that everyone is welcome here and anyone can benefit from the information on my blog.  However, my blog “speaks” to moms and their experience. So if you’re not a mom or a female, so what. Welcome.


Marcella WilsonDr. Wilson has a doctorate and master’s degree in Computer Science. She has conducted extensive studies on how online social networks impact face-to-face social networks. Her dissertation was the first to document how older adults use online social networks. Her cutting-edge research also examined the contrast between how older adults, young adults and the general population use social media, blogs and email.   She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

As a result of her dissertation work, Dr. Wilson became a sought out expert in the media on how to effectively mix technology with your life, love and work.  Dr. Wilson has been featured on Fox 45 News and WUSA 9 News. She has also been interviewed in numerous online, radio and print media outlets including Redbook magazine, MSNBC News, Fox News, and The Detroit Press.

During Dr. Wilson’s educational career, she received numerous fellowships from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Bowie State University and the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  During her professional career, Dr. Wilson has been honored numerous times by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Bowie State University for her research achievements in the area of social media networks.   Currently, Dr. Wilson teaches graduate Information Systems courses at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

While Dr. Wilson’s education, experience and accolades are plentiful, it is her passion is helping moms lose weight and use their blogs to increase their brand, get media attention, attract clients that excites her most.  “At least once a day, I get asked by a friend, acquaintance or via email how to lose weight, run a business online or how to blog or how to use their blog to get more money and clients.  It is my joy to help others turn their expertise, dream or passion into viable online business and show them how to make money so they can live a lifestyle they dream of” she says.