Let’s check out the top three trending Twitter topics for this week.  Dr. Marcella Wilson discusses these top three stories that trended on Twitter this week.

  1.  AMC Theaters to allow texting?  That’s right!  AMC Theatres are considering allowing texting in certain sections of the theater during movies.  What do you think about that?  Would you go to an AMC Theater if people could text during the movie?  Well, people were talking about it on Twitter.
  2. This week, people were also tweeting about baseball superstar and Civil Rights icon, Jackie Robinson getting his own day. Did you know that the baseball contract Jackie Robinson signed with the New York Dodgers is largely considered to be the founding document of the Civil Rights movement?  Wilson discusses Jackie Robinson’s huge honor.
  3. #MambaDay took over Twitter as Kobe Bryant ended his illustrious 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. On his last game, the stars came out in full force to watch him drop 60 points and win the game.  I cannot believe that Kobe Bryant is retiring from the NBA.

So watch the Pop Tech video above where Dr. Wilson breaks down what is going on in your AMC Movie Theater, Jackie Robinson’s huge honor and some fun Kobe Bryant news.