Let’s face it, texting is here to stay and it’s a big part of romantic relationships. We text to get to know a person, we text to ask a person out (not that I’m saying that’s right..), we text sweet words to our boyfriend or girlfriend, and we don’t text when we are mad or things are going bad in relationships. So, a lot of people have been asking me how people use texting to manipulate or control the relationship. In other words, if you text your man and he doesn’t reply until the next day, how do you handle that?  Let’s take a look at some bad texting situations and how you can handle them.

1. “the blank text sent deliberately” – What do you do if you receive a blank text from your ex? Most people would respond immediately with a text saying something like, “You send me a text but didnt say anything. Is everything ok?”   This is probably your ex just trying an sneaky way to communicate with you.  How do I know?  Since in all phones (yes, we tested this) you have to hit the space bar and hit “send” to send a blank text, you know it was done on purpose. So,
… Look at who’s sending it. If it’s an ex, you’re spidey senses should be tingling that he or she is up to something. I suggest you send another blank text back or just ignore it. If it’s really important, they’ll text back.
2. “waiting hours to text back” – This is the worst.  You text your boo and they take their time responding.
… Send a “warning shot” text saying something like, “I haven’t heard from you since I asked you about (insert situation). I’m going to yoga class then out to dinner with friends (or insert any activity that makes you appear busy). I’ll catch up with you later.” Then go do something else. Don’t text the person again.
3. “the pretend text” – This is when your boyfriend, girlfriend or someone you were romantically involved with is pretending to text someone else but send it to you “accidently”
….I recommend just ignoring these texts. If he/she really wants to reach you, they’ll text you back for real. If he or she says something about the accidental text, just say something like since the text wasn’t for me, I didn’t to respond.
4. “the “I Forgot Who You Are’ text” – This is when you first meet someone and you exchange numbers.  You text the person later or the next day and they text back, “who is this?”
…Respond with a witty text and a funny photo of yourself. Since this usually happens in the beginning stages, you know what’s really going on. So just keep it light and fun. Let’s just celebrate the fact that we’re getting a response beyond the initial meeting!
5. “Texting on a date” – This is used to make the other person insecure
…. Send that person a witty text saying something like “Are you ready to order dessert?”. Keep it light and fun. They’ll get the message.
6. “Too many texts” – Having a friend repeatedly text you on a date so it seems like you are popular or someone else is urgently trying to reach you
… Both agree to turn off your phones during the date or at least have a “time out” period. The point of the date is to get to know that person better one-on-one. If you can’t communicate with the person because they’re so distracted by the tons of texts they’re receiving, what’s the point of being on a date?

If you have had a bad texting situation, post a comment to let me know.  Also, if you know of any other bad texting relationships, let me know about that too!