How to Create Your Blog Content – 4 Things You Should Know


First, before we delve into what to write about, let’s look at what content people read on blogs. It is important to understand why people read blogs and why they keep reading the same blogs over and over again. In general, people read blogs for two reasons:

  1. To be educated
  2. To be entertained

Think about the blogs you read. Are they cooking blogs that give new recipes each week? Or do they update you on the latest news in your neighborhood? If you really think about it, blogs keep you informed or entertain you in some way. Is the purpose of your blog to educate or entertain?


Second, think about who will be reading your content. I want you to get specific here. Write down a complete description of the people you are targeting to read your blog. For example, let’s assume you want to start a blog on pop star Justin Beiber. Right away, you can surmise that your blog readers will most likely be female, under the age of 20 and lives at home with her parents. Knowing who you are writing to will help you tailor your content to them.


Next, take a look at the top bloggers or blogs about your desired subject. Sticking with our Justin Beiber example, find out who are the top Justin Beiber blogs or bloggers. I’m not talking about Perez Hilton who blogs about all celebrities. Who is only blogging about Justin Beiber? Write down a list of them. What makes each blog unique? What is each blog doing that makes people come back each day or week to read more? These are the things you need to observe and note so you can incorporate into your blog.


Finally, find your niche or something that someone is not already blogging about. Do you see how you can give a fresh perspective or unique view of Justin that is not being covered? Maybe you can solely blog about Justin’s dog or his girlfriend. Think this idea is corny or won’t work? Wrong! There are blogs like this out there for celebrities that are enormously popular.

What I want you to take away from this blog post is that your blog has to be unique in some sort of way to distinguish it from the rest. Take some time and do your research on the most popular blogs on your topic. Find a way to separate yourself from the pack and you will definitely stand out.