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Every single day, I get emails from moms who want to start a blog, work from home and earn extra income online.  Yet most moms I talk to doubt themselves and feel as though they can’t do it.  Here are some of the most common reasons I hear

“It’s too techy and complicated to set up a blog.“

“I can’t run a blog and a family at the same time.”

“I don’t think blogging works for my niche.”

“I don’t have a product or service to sell.”

“I don’t have an email list.”

“Honestly, I am just scared and intimidated about the whole thing.”  

“I think it will take a lot of time to learn how to set up a blog.  I love Instagram so I’m just going to focus on getting more followers there.”

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Guess What?  You are Human!

If you feel any of that, you are perfect.  You are in the right place.   I want you to know that you can be successful with your blog even if you don’t know what you’re going to blog about or how to actually blog.  It’s okay if you haven’t got this blog thing all figured out yet. I always tell moms to go for it because a blog is the quickest and easiest way to start a business, make money online and build a following.  I have coached so many people who had no experience, no credibility, no email list, no product and service to start and run a successful blog.  If I helped them, I know I can help you too.  The trick is that you just have to get out there and do it.  

And believe it or not, all the stats are in your favor – and not against you – to succeed in blogging.  So for the rest of this blog post, I’m gonna show you some stats on why mom blogs word.  Because I know there are some analytical people reading this who need to know why blogs are powerful and the numbers behind them.  Because even though you may be fearful about starting a blog, you need real proof as to why it’s a good idea to start a blog.  Knowing that hey, there is no other medium out there right now that allows me to create a profitable business with little to no experience, time and money.   So this is very powerful information for you to know.  Therefore, I’m gonna show you the evidence and hard facts as to why blogging is the way moms can work at home and build wealth.  And I’ll also show you why you should focus on building a successful blog, not a social media account.  

Blogging Works for Everyone

Every major magazine, company, entrepreneur, niche, hobby, sport, public figure, newspaper, association, school, organization – you name it – has a blog.  Why?  Because blogging works for every niche, business, industry and service.   Blogs bring in traffic and dollars.  There are some moms making big bucks off their blog.   Some of these mommy bloggers like Michelle Schroeder-Gardner are pulling in 5 and 6 figures with millions of visitors to their blog each MONTH.  And it doesn’t take a long time to figure out how to do it right. Because if you commit to blogging the right way – the way I’m going to teach, you’ll see an increase in traffic to your site and hopefully sales.   But first, you have got to get the courage to start.

Blogs are Here to Stay

Blogs began popping up on the internet in the late 90’s and have become a mainstay in journalism ever since.  And there is no sign of slowing down either.  Blogs and their readership continue to grow steadily in numbers year after year.   Check out some of these stats….

  • 329 Million people read blogs each month
  • There are 500,000 new posts a day
  • Over 400,000 comments are posted daily

So if you are ready to jump on the mom blog bandwagon, know that blogging is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Blogging is not a fad and is in no danger of being a flash in the pan.   

Blogs are a great way to make money

Everyone wants to figure out how to make money online, make money while they sleep or create passive income.  Well, blogging is an awesome way to achieve that.  Yes, you gotta put time and effort into it but mommy bloggers are doing it in droves.  And you can too.  Check out these numbers…

  • Over 80% of Americans “look for information online first about a service or product they are thinking of buying.”
  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine
  • Research has also proven that 75% of customers never scroll down past the first page of search results

I know right about now you are thinking those previous 3 stats have nothing to do with making money with a blog.  But hold on.  Let me explain.  Google loves blogs.  And this is important to know because Google returns blog posts higher in their search engine results than a regular web site.  So that means, if you are trying to get customers, clients and trying to make sales, Google – the #1 website in the world – will send more traffic to you just because you are blogging.  Is it all starting to make sense now?  Believe me when I say that having a blog can explode your business.  Now go read those previous 3 stats again and get excited!

And I just want to let you know that studies have also shown that 25% of customers will buy the first time they visit your blog.  How encouraging is that?!?!

Not having a blog is a great way to lose money

Some people reading this are still not convinced that a blog is the way to go.  In their mind, they are thinking, “Oh, I’ll just throw up and regular website and it will all work out.”  Well, if that’s what you’re thinking, I’ve got some sobering stats for you.

  • Only 40% of small businesses have a blog.  In other words, less than half of the small business out there are taking advantage of the free traffic and customers Google can send their way.
  • Only 35% of small businesses with a blog update it at least once a month
  • 65% haven’t updated their blog in over a year.  More specifically, over half of the bloggers out there don’t keep up with their blog.

These stats may seem a little abstract.  However, what I’m really trying to show is that most people go online first to research and shop for things that they want to buy.  It’s a bonus that Google will boost blogs in its search engine results.  However, the stats show that most bloggers are not taking advantage of this and have all but given up on their blog.  Therefore they are missing out on traffic, potential customers and money.  

Forget Social Media! Blogs Build Followings!

BLOGS are a great way to build, maintain and stay connected with your audience.  Some moms who contact me want to build a huge Instagram following or get millions of YouTube subscribers.  And yes those are great things.  However, building a massive social media following will most likely take years for you to do and it can be tricky trying to earn income.  Now the following information I’m going to pass on to you aren’t stats.  However, it is real information that you need to know when it comes to focusing on social media vs. building your blog.

1. Your blog is your real estate that you control.  

On your blog, you can post whatever you want, whenever you want.  You make the rules.  That’s not the case with social media.  You can get banned from a social media platform or locked out of your own account.  Then what will you do?  How will you run your business?  I follow some fashion Instagrammers who base other whole business off Instagram and I get scared.  No one thinks Instagram will disappear or go out of business.  But you just never know.  I think it’s crazy to base your whole business on a platform that you don’t control.

2. You don’t have to worry about algorithm changes.  

I love Facebook and Instagram but they change their algorithms all the time.  All social media networks do.  But when this happens, you can’t get followers so quickly and no one sees your content.  And that sucks if you’re trying to grow your business.  Now, you can get more exposure on Facebook and Instagram, but you’ll have to pay for it and it’s expensive.  Because Facebook (which also owns Instagram) is a business and they’re tryna make a lot of money.  So, they’ve rigged their algorithm so that only 10% of people that have liked your Facebook page will see your content.  Did you know that?  If you want 100% of the people that liked your Facebook page to see your content, then you have to pay for Facebook ads – and they ain’t cheap!  Just think about that.  You have to pay Facebook so that all the people who have liked your page will see your content in their timeline or news feed.  Well, I don’t like that.   If you base your business off your blog, algorithm changes will never be an issue for you.

3. You don’t have to worry about a social media network going out of business.  

Think this doesn’t happen?  Well, it happens all the time.  Ever heard of Vine?  It was a popular social media network where people posted 6-second video clips.  It became popular quickly and amassed over 200 million followers.  Then in 2016, they went out of business and left everyone hanging.  There were some people who ran their whole business off of Vine.  They were left in a lurch.  This would never happen if they had a blog.  

5. Just like on social media, blogs are a great way to interact and connect with your audience.  

Your blog readers can see you in a photo, hear and see you in a video or photo and interact with you in blog comments.  Through your blog, you get to interact with your readers in a real way.  Social media gets all the credit for being social, but you can be just as social if not more on your blog.

BLOG = Bring Lots Of Good!

All this information is very exciting and backs up why blogs are so powerful.   I hope I have shown that if you’re not blogging, you are already losing money, wasting your time, and trying to make money the hard way.  There are so many mommy bloggers out there getting serious results in the form of more business, exposure and huge financial gains.  Everyone is blogging and now is the perfect time for you to start or jump start your blog.  

Yes, I know it can be intimidating to start a blog.  You may think that there are already so many other blogs out there and you’ll never be as successful as some of those other famous bloggers.  But you really don’t know what will happen once you commit and take action.  So if you have been thinking about starting a blog for awhile now, give yourself permission to do it.  My Dad always says people never regret the things they do, just the things they don’t do.  You’ve got nothing to lose and all the stats are in your favor.  I am here to help you.  Check out my tutorial where I show you how to start a blog in 6 super, simple steps.  

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And don’t forget to leave me a comment letting me know what your blog is going to be about.

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