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You’ve been going back and forth for months – maybe even years -debating whether or not to start a blog.  You wonder can you really do it?  In your head you are wondering….

Can I find an hour or so each day in between the laundry, kids and helping with housework to blog?  

What should I blog about?

Can I really make money off my blog?  

Look, I get it.  I got into blogging because I wanted to work from home and help out with our bills.

After finishing up my doctorate (which was a grueling process) and having my first child, my hubby and I wanted to have another baby.  We didn’t see the point in me working a full-time job because I wasn’t ready to put my baby in daycare all day.  As fate would have it, I did get pregnant again, with not one but two babies.

Yes, we were having twins!

Fortunately, I got offered a job teaching graduate courses online.  Even though it was not full time work, I was ecstatic that I would work at home and take care of my children.  But inside I was really worried about the loss of income.

Let’s be honest, it’s expensive raising kids, right?  Formula, pull-ups, gymnastics and shoes ain’t cheap.  Can I get a witness?  The harsh reality was that my household was going from 2 full-time incomes to 1 full-time income and some change.  My husband was not worried but that was kinda scary to me.  Well, really scary!  So, I really wanted to get this blogging stuff down so I could contribute to the household income.  Is that your reason for wanting to start a blog?

But there is hope because studies have shown that mommy bloggers bring home more money than mommies who don’t blog.

I want you to close your eyes for a second and imagine your life as you dream it could be…   

Wake up, take the kids to school, run to the gym for a quick workout and run some errands.  Get back home, check your email inbox and see all of the notifications that you’ve made money off your blog.  Work on your blog for about 2 hours, have lunch with friends and dash off to pick up your kids from school.  

It is possible and it starts today.  

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