Google can effect your business via your blog.  We know that 93% of consumers go online FIRST to research and buy products and services that they want to buy.  And we also know that Google is the most popular search engine.   So consumers start at Google first to search for products and services.  Let’s go in-depth about how Google works and how you can use it to boost your business.

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How does Google really work?

Google’s job is to quickly find relevant data based on a search query. Meaning, you enter a word or series of words in Google’s search box and it will return the most recent data on that topic.  But how does Google get the latest news, videos, documents or images on a topic?  Google is always scanning the Internet and indexing data so that it can return appropriate or matching data in its search results.  Indexing means that Google will store that site in its records to be used in search results based on that topic.  In a nutshell, Google is constantly searching the Internet to find the most recent news, images, videos, documents, etc. on any given topic.  Once it finds data like that, it stores that site for use in a future search result.

But how does Google scan the Internet?

It uses an automated bot (short for robot) or a Googlebot. A Googlebot is a bit of software that searches the Internet looking for relevant data that it can store or add to Google’s collection of searchable index. Googlebots consider documents, video, and images relevant data.   Another way of thinking about this is that Google always wants to have the latest and most relevant information on a topic. In order to do that, it sends out Googlebots to find new sites with relevant data and see if existing sites have updated information.  Crawling is the process of the Googlebot going from website to website searching for relevant data. If that Googlebot finds quality data on that site, it reports the information back to Google. That site is then indexed in Google’s index for future searches.

But why does Google loves blogs? 

Let’s go back to basics for a minute.  There are 2 types of web sites: dynamic and static web sites.  A static web site is one that rarely or never changes. is a good example of a static web site.  It always looks the same, maybe with an image change above the search box, every day.  However, a dynamic web site changes or is updated on a regular basis.  A blog is a dynamic website.  A good example of this is The New York Post online site.  It is a blog and it’s dynamic because  new stories are added daily.   As a result, Google loves blogs because they usually have more up to date information than a regular, static website because they are updated more frequently (ie, every day, several times a day or once a week).  So, Google is more likely to return a blog higher in search results than a regular website.  So, if you don’t have a blog, you are already losing customers and money!

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