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Blogs: How to Make Money Online (Lesson #4) – Blogs Generate Income

Everyone wants to know how to make money online.  It the question I get asked the most.  This is NOT a get-rich quick scheme.  However, if done correctly over time, you can build a comfortable, fun lifestyle that you dream of. This is the one thing I get asked about the most. How do I make money off of a blog? There are numerous ways you can make money from your blog. I am not going in depth on that subject now because that is not the purpose of this book. But know that you can sell your products...

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Blogs: How to Make Money Online (Lesson #3) – Blogs Position You as an Expert

Did you know that only 40% of small businesses have a blog? Just think about that for a second. Having blog levels the playing field. You can appear to be as professional and as an experienced as the next business man. Anyone can start a blog on any topic of their choosing. From that blog, one can build a huge following which enables more opportunities and prospects. Building a following is very important. Once you have an audience and can show that people come to your blog to read what you have to say, you can sell to them,...

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Blogs: How to Make Money Online (Lesson #1) – Keep Your Blog Current

CLICK HERE to  Get the eBook – “Blogging for Bucks: 10 Ways to Turn Your Blog into a Bank“. A blog is a great tool to build the trust of your reader and get them to buy one of your products and services.  A blog is perceived as current when it has up-to-date blog posts. That sends a signal to reader that this blog has the latest information and is continuously updated. Your reader will think, I will check back tomorrow or next week to see what new information this blog shares. [Tweet “Don’t be fooled into thinking that...

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Blogging 101: What is a Blog, Bloggers and Blogging?

It’s especially important if you are an expert, coach, speaker, fitness trainer, chef, TV host or want to run a business online that you have a blog. It will allow you to speak on a regular basis to your client or audience. It will also have your clients and customers “see” you as an expert or authority even if you don’t have the necessary education or experience.

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