Mother’s Day Geek Chic and Geek Decor Gifts

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Hey everyone!  Mother’s Day is coming up.  Are you ready?  Have you picked up something special for the woman who gave birth to you?  Well, if you haven’t, there is still time.  I’ve got some cute, comfy tech gadgets and accessories that any mom will love.  I am a mom and a bit of a nerd.  Is your mom always on the hunt for classy geek decor that will brighten up her bedroom, living room or kitchen.  Or is your mom always shopping for fun geek chic that she can wear.  If so, then you need check out my picks of my fav gifts. Here is my roundup.

Ctrl Atl Delete Pillow

If you hit the ctrl, alt and delete buttons all at once on the computer, it will reset.  So when it’s time for Momma to reset and relax, she can do so on these cute and comfy pillows.  Momma works hard to keep her house and family together.  You can help make sure that the space she relaxes in is comfortable and inviting.  You can get these Ah-mazing pillow covers on Amazon here.  

And these are just pillow covers.  If you need the actual pillows to put these covers on, you can find them on Amazon here.


Thumbs Up! # Mug

Personally, I call this the Twitter mug, but maybe for copyright reasons, they couldn’t call it that.  But I don’t know about your mom, but my mom would start off each day with a fresh cup of coffee.  Maybe your mom is a tea drinker or loves to cozy up to the fireplace with some (yummy) hot chocolate.  Whatever the case, she can get her drink on using this fun mug.  You can get it on Amazon here.

“Talk Nerdy to Me” T-Shirt

Ohh, I just love a cute T-shirt.  As I am doing laundry, running errands or working on my blog, I’m usually wearing some funny T-shirt with a quote on it.  If your mom is the same way, pick her up this up.  Because honestly, one can never have too many T-shirts with funny slogans on them.  You can get it on Amazon here.

Circuit Board Coasters

Now you know you can’t come in your Momma’s house and start messing up her stuff.  So, when you get a drink, make sure you grab one of these coasters to put your drink on.  Don’t make Momma mad by leaving a wet ring on her table.  She worked hard to buy those tables.  You can find these fun coasters on Amazon here.

Pokemon Go Bowls

Can’t you just see Mom on the couch eating popcorn in these bowls while she is watching Netflix?  Or eating her favorite breakfast cereal in them?  If so, you can pick these Pokemon Go bowls up on Amazon here.

Are YOU Ready for Mother’s Day?

Well, that’s my roundup of my 5 favorite geek chic and geek decor gifts Mother’s Day.  Did you decide what to get your mom for Mother’s Day?  Did this list help you make a decision?  Whatever gift you get for your mother this year, just make sure it is full of your love and appreciate of her.  If any of my kids are reading this, please feel free to buy me anything on this list.  Which gift do you love for your mom?  Which one do you love so much you’re getting it for yourself?  Let me know in the comments.


Dr. Marcella Wilson

Easter Egg-Shaped Tech Ideas for Your Home Office

Easter egg-shaped tech ideas for your home office * this post contains affiliate links

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Easter is this Sunday and I am so egg-cited!  Not because of all the chocolate and candy – well, that is a reason to get excited – but that’s not why I am stoked.  I love to celebrate every holiday and I am happy to share this cool “Easter tech” that makes your home office more convenient.  Because let’s face it, as a stay-at-home mommy blogger, you spend a lot of time working in your office.  So, it is important that your office is a comfortable, welcoming place that you like to spend time in.   If you are a holiday person like me, here are 3 egg-shaped tech gadgets that are useful, will make your office more comfortable and get you into the Easter spirit.

3 Easter Egg-Shaped Tech You NEED for Your Home Office

  1. SegaToys HomeStar Pure Home Planetarium ($115.69) – I love looking at the stars.  I think the stars, planets and our solar system are so mesmerizing.  When I was a kid, I bought some glow in the dark stars that I randomly stuck to my bedroom ceiling.  At night,  I would stare at these stars as I drifted off to sleep.  But with the HomeStar Pure Home Planetaruim, you can gaze at the actual constellations.  It comes with a star disk that projects over 10,000 stars into your night.  Cool, right?  Wish I had this when I was a kid…

SegaToys HomeStar Pure Home Planetarium


  1. The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer ($28.14) – The Gro-Egg Thermometer is  a thermometer that changes color based on the room temperature.  So, if you are always chilly like me, you can glance at the thermometer and know just by its color what the temperature is.  The Gro-Egg glows in the dark and can be used as a night light, too.  Now, I will be honest, lots of people use this thermometer for their baby’s room.  But, this is a cool gadget that is functional and fun for any room.

The Gro Company Gro-Egg Room Thermometer

  1. Brookstone’s Bob 5-in-1 Wobble Clock ($39.99) – Remember those Webble Wobble toys that shift and sway but can’t be knocked over?  Well, the Bob 5-in-1 Wobble Clock will also webble wobble, but he won’t fall down!  Bob is a clock that will show you multi-functional views of the time, date and temperature.  Plus, Bob has an alarm and timer so you can use it to time your tasks.  In addition to the color white, Bob also comes in the color black.  But since we are talking about Easter eggs here, I had to recommend the white color option.

Brookstone’s Bob 5-in-1 Wobble Clock

If you think these tech toys are EGG-ceptional…

You can click on the pictures to check out these cool “eggs” for yourself.  I just love the Planetarium.  I think it so cute and a fun addition to an office. Which egg-shaped tech gift are you getting for your office or as a gift to someone else?  Or if you know of any fun, egg-shaped tech gadgets, let me know in the comments below.  Happy Easter!

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