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Goals: The One Thing You Must Do to Accomplish Them

People come to me all the time wanting to me to help them achieve their dream of starting a blog for their business or grow their social media following. They are so excited, serious and motivated when we first meet up. But some people fall by the wayside, even before we get started or just when things are starting to take off. Why is that?

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Social Media: Do I Really Need it to Build My Business or Brand?

Social media is everywhere and its power is undeniable. And while so many people like social media, they don’t really want to be bogged down with the day in and day out grind of posting and updating it for their business. So that begs the question, do I really need to consistently update my social media accounts to build my business or brand? Do I have to post every day or on a regular basis?

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What Services Do I Really Need to Pay For?

You finally made the decision to start an online business. You get your blog up and you’re ready to start making money. But wait a minute…. You slowly to realize that you’re forking over lots of cash for service to run that business. You’ll need over $1,000 for webinar service, about $250 for an email subscription service, and the list goes on and on. You begin to ask yourself, “Do I really have to spend money on all these services to run my online business?” Well, read on to find out the answer.

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The Top 5 Tools You Need to Explode Your Online Business

Whether you are an expert, coach, speaker, real estate guru, fitness trainer, consultant, solopreneur, chef, TV personality, own a small business or want to pursue a dream or passion, having an online presence is an important step in attracting new clients and making money. Therefore, in order for your business (and blog) to be profitable, you need to focus on things like attracting clients and paying customers, drawing interest from the media and acquiring loyal fans. If you have no idea how to do that, no worries. Here are 5 tools that can jump start your business and explode its growth…

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