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The Top 5 Tools You Need to Explode Your Online Business

Whether you are an expert, coach, speaker, real estate guru, fitness trainer, consultant, solopreneur, chef, TV personality, own a small business or want to pursue a dream or passion, having an online presence is an important step in attracting new clients and making money. Therefore, in order for your business (and blog) to be profitable, you need to focus on things like attracting clients and paying customers, drawing interest from the media and acquiring loyal fans. If you have no idea how to do that, no worries. Here are 5 tools that can jump start your business and explode its growth…

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Reason #3 of Why You Need an eBook

Okay, this is the last reason why you need an eBook for your business.  Hopefully, you have listened to the Reason #1 of Why You Need an eBook and Reason #2 of Why You Need an eBook reasons why you need an eBook.  If not, take some time and check out those 2 podcasts. In this episode, you’ll learn: How others can help make your eBook a success How to work smarter, not harder Why this is the most important reason In this episode, I talk about my eBook “Wanna Create a Blog? Read this First!”  If it’s something you are interested in, click the  button below to download: Do you have an eBook for your business? What is it about? If not, leave a comment about what your eBook should be about? Remember, your goal is not to sell to your customers but to educate and inform them about your topic, product and...

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Setting Up Aweber’s Email Subscription Service – Part II

Setting Up Follow Up Email Messages In the previous email, I went over how to set up your first email list. Now you need to set up follow up messages.  These are the email messages your subscriber will get once their email address is confirmed.  I recommend creating at least one follow up message welcoming your subscriber and thanking them for giving you their email address.  But follow up messages give you the opportunity to send out a series of emails.  Depending on your area of expertise, his is very useful.  Many experts send out introductory material that you want your new subscribers to have.  It should be useful content to get them off to a great start in whatever you offer.  This tutorial only takes about 5 minutes and only takes 5 simple steps.  So let’s get started… Step #1 – Go to the top of the page, hit the Messages tab.  Scroll down and click on the “Follow Up Series” link from the drop down menu.  This will take you to the Follow Up Message page. Sign up for Dr. Marcella Wilson’s Tech Know email newsletter   Step #2– Click the green “Create Your First Follow Up” button.  It’s a drop down list with 3 options –  Drag & Drop email builder  Plain Text Message and Code Your Own HTML. Personally, I recommend using the Plain Text Message...

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