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Hillary Clinton’s Email Server

Late last year, it was alleged that Hillary had an illegal email server in her New York home where she sent and received classified emails. When this story first broke, I got all kinds of questions by my non-techies pals about what a server is. Most people only know about servers in restaurants. They have no clue what an email server is. Well, yall know I’m a professor. Let Dr. Wilson break it down for ya.

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2 Reasons Why Black Friday Will Become Obsolete

Am I one of those folks who will sleep outside to get a Black Friday deal? Well, no. But I have stood in line for hours on Black Friday. This year, I said I was not going to head out to the malls for any Black Friday sales. I vowed I was going to stay home and hang out with my family. But you know what? Black Friday as we know it may becoming a thing of the past. Here are 2 reasons why….

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Addicted to Tech? 4 Tips on How to Unplug

A previous study was done at the University of Maryland on a large group of students. The students had to unplug from technology – no cell phones, no updating their Facebook profile – stuff like that. The reasearchers found that the students had similar symptoms to those trying to get off drugs.

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