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AMC Theaters to Allow Texting During Movies?

AMC Theaters to allow texting? That’s right! AMC Theatres are considering allowing texting during movies. MLB Icon, Jackie Robinson gets a huge honor and Kobe Bryant ends his 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. Dr. Marcella Wilson discusses these top 3 stories that trended on Twitter this week.

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Mobile Phones in the Cold Weather

Hey, it’s cold outside!  As winter rages on, we are careful about protecting our skins, face and body from the harsh winter elements.  But how about your cell phone?  We are always on our cell phones as we are out and about during the day.  But do you ever wonder how the cold affects your mobile phone?  Did you know that exposing your flip phone, smartphones and other cellular phones can actually damage them?  Check out the video about as Lifestyle Tech Expert Dr. Marcella Wilson explains how to keep your mobile phones operational during the harsh winter...

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