5 types of Instagram Pics That Get You More Followers



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Instagram is a great place for female business owners to find customers and grow a huge following.  Whatever type of business you are in or product or service you offer, your customer is on Instagram.  If you are a photographer or model trying to get noticed in the industry, Instagram is a great place to get seen.  If you are a baker, nail artist, stylist, virtual assistant, web designer or hair dresser trying to get more business, your customer is definitely on Instagram.

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Instagram has approximately 500 million users – yes, that’s half a billion people – and the numbers are increasing daily.  Instagram is the fastest growing social media app on the planet.  It may seem like everyone is already on instagram and there is no room left for you.  But that’s not true.  I believe that instagram will follow in the footsteps of its owner Facebook and grow to over 1 billion users.  Trust me, now is the time to get on Instagram and harness its power.

Start Posting These 5 Types of Instagram Pics

If you are just starting out on instagram or have been around for a while, here are some tips that can help build up your followers.  Below are 5 types of photos every entrepreneur needs in their repertoire.

    1. #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) – This is probably the most popular type of Instagram post (and hashtag!) instaglammers use on the ‘Gram. Showing off your outfit of the day from head to toe is a must.  People who are just starting out on instagram always ask me if I get sent free clothes and do they have to wear expensive, designer clothes to have an Instagram account.  I say just use what’s in your closet.  That’s what I do.  If you are just starting out, no one is going to send you free clothes and I don’t suggest going out and spending lots of money on clothes for your instagram photos.  Look no further than your own closet, pull together a few looks and get to picture snapping.
    2. Focus – No, I am not talking about that Ariana Grande song (which I happen to love). I am talking about having your picture focus on one special thing that you are trying to highlight.  So Maybe you can do a close-up on an intricately hand-beaded sweater, glitzy belt or funky booties.  Whatever you choose, This type of photo is great if you take a photo that is not so great.  Hey we’ve all been there.  As an instaglammer, you take lots of photos for the ‘Gram on a regular basis.  Some photos will turn out not so great.  In cases like this, I try to focus on one thing in the picture that I can edit and focus on.
    3. Collage – A collage is a photo that shows a combination or collection of things.  In the case of an instaglammer, a collage could show an outfit with the matching accessories and makeup.  Or a collage could show different types of rain boots.  Whatever the case, a collage is a great.  If you are the star of your Instagram feed, using a collage instead actually being in every photo is a great way to take a break and switch things up on your feed but still stay on brand.
    4. Themed Photos (A Holiday, Booties Week, etc.) – If a holiday is coming up, celebrate it on Instagram.  Take a picture in a funny turkey hat for Thanksgiving or an ugly Christmas.   In October, every day wear or show something that is pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  This is really not hard to do.  If you are struggling to come up with ideas of themes you can use, just look around you or at the calendar.  Is it summer?  Try flip flops to flip over week or bikinis for every body week.  Is it winter?  What about doing a week on cozy coats, booties or how to layer.  Also create your own themes and post pictures for a few days or a week to play up that theme.  And last but definitely not least….
    5. Quotes – Everyone loves a good quote. Did you know that on Facebook and Instagram, quotes get the most likes, comments, shares, tags and reposts more than any other type of photo?  Just think about it.  Quotes can be funny, inspirational, sarcastic or motivational sayings.  A quote can also be something interesting a person of note has said or written.  Try posting a quote photo about once a week and I bet you’ll be surprised at the huge response and interaction you get from it.   A great source of quotes is the internet.  Just google “quotes” and it will return a vast array of websites and actual quotes that you can use.

What to Do Next…

Of course this is just a starting point for you.  There are so many other types of fun and interesting posts you can use on Instagram.  The key is to continue posting on a regular basis.  And if you want to learn some important things you don’t want to do on Instagram, click on the button below to learn the 5 Rookie Mistakes I made that you don’t want to make.  Now get out there and be amazing!

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But before you go, let me ask you something, have you used all 5 of these types of photos on your Instagram account?  Was there one type of photo that you have not tried but want to use?  What is your Instagram handle?  Let me know in the comments and I will follow you.  And if you haven’t already, please follow me on Instagram.  Have a great day!

AMC Theaters to Allow Texting During Movies?

Let’s check out the top three trending Twitter topics for this week.  Dr. Marcella Wilson discusses these top three stories that trended on Twitter this week.

  1.  AMC Theaters to allow texting?  That’s right!  AMC Theatres are considering allowing texting in certain sections of the theater during movies.  What do you think about that?  Would you go to an AMC Theater if people could text during the movie?  Well, people were talking about it on Twitter.
  2. This week, people were also tweeting about baseball superstar and Civil Rights icon, Jackie Robinson getting his own day. Did you know that the baseball contract Jackie Robinson signed with the New York Dodgers is largely considered to be the founding document of the Civil Rights movement?  Wilson discusses Jackie Robinson’s huge honor.
  3. #MambaDay took over Twitter as Kobe Bryant ended his illustrious 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. On his last game, the stars came out in full force to watch him drop 60 points and win the game.  I cannot believe that Kobe Bryant is retiring from the NBA.

So watch the Pop Tech video above where Dr. Wilson breaks down what is going on in your AMC Movie Theater, Jackie Robinson’s huge honor and some fun Kobe Bryant news.

Mobile Phones in the Cold Weather

Hey, it’s cold outside!  As winter rages on, we are careful about protecting our skins, face and body from the harsh winter elements.  But how about your cell phone?  We are always on our cell phones as we are out and about during the day.  But do you ever wonder how the cold affects your mobile phone?  Did you know that exposing your flip phone, smartphones and other cellular phones can actually damage them?  Check out the video about as Lifestyle Tech Expert Dr. Marcella Wilson explains how to keep your mobile phones operational during the harsh winter cold.

How to Have Your Readers Create Your Blog Content

Past research has shown that 25% of people will buy from you the first time they visit your blog.  What about the other 75%?  They are in the decision-making process.  They are looking at your blog to see if you solve their problem, pain or fill their need.  The goal of your blog is to convince the remaining 75% to buy from you.  You do that through your content.  More specificially, user-generated content.  It is the content that other people create that convinces your readers to buy your products and services.  This is the content that you do not write but is highly popular among readers and search engines. It is the content that your readers create when they have bought or are considering buying products and services. This type of content includes (but is not limited to):

  • Discussion forums
  • Comments
  • Product Reviews
  • New uses for Products
  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies

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The above list is not a complete list. There are many others ways that consumers produce content for your blog. The wonderful thing about user-generated content is that it bolsters your products and services online for your benefit. It’s a bonus that this type of content is that it requires little to work on your part. And if we go back to the mantra of working smarter, not harder, this is definitely a great way to do that.

Another benefit of user generated content is it builds credibility and trust in your readers or potential customers. Earlier, I discussed how simply having a blog will boost your authority and credibility with readers. So, in addition to the faith your readers have in you, what if they can also read comments, user reviews, and discussions from online groups that tout your products and services? What this creates is the reader’s iron clad confidence in you and it’s only a matter of time before they become your customer.

We are living in the information age. The Internet brings a wealth of information at our fingertips. Many tap into that huge knowledge base on the Internet before making a purchase. I don’t know about you, but I don’t make a purchase before I check it out online to see if I can find a coupon, get the cheapest price and find out if it is a good product. A study conducted in 2012 that found that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. That study was repeated in 2013, and the percentage jumped to 79%! Another study found that up to 90% of purchases were influenced by online reviews. Therefore, include content on your site that consumers are looking for and can create on their own.

How often do you buy from the blogs that you frequent the most?  Post your answer in the comment section below.


Blogs: How to Make Money Online (Lesson #6) – Content Makes Customers, Pt. 2

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Approximately  25% of people will buy off your blog the first time they visit your blog. What about the other 75%? They are in the decision-making process. They are looking at your blog to see if YOU can solve their problem, pain or fill their need.

The goal of your blog is to convince the remaining 75% to buy from you. You do that through your content. More specifically, the content YOU generate.  Have information on your blogs that help readers make an informed decision and come back to buy from you again and again.  Easy ways to do that are to create FAQ’s, checklists and tutorials for your readers.

In last week’s blog post, we discussed content readers look for online when they want to research or buy a product or service. We also discussed why it is important to have user-generated content on your blog. Now, let’s talk about the content YOU need to create that help customers make a decision to buy.

Again, the content on your blog needs to be material that customers are looking for.  Customers most frequently search for content such as product reviews, product or service descriptions, new uses of products, message boards, product or service comparisons, frequently asked questions and more.  Any content that can help your reader make a decision about buying your product or service should be available on your blog.  Here are some other types of content you can create that will be useful to customers:

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  • Blogs
  • Online press releases
  • Articles
  • Product/service descriptions
  • Technical support
  • User guides/technical manuals
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • E-books
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Reference materials (from a simple glossary to a full encyclopedia on your topic)
  • Printable items (procedure checklists, guides, recipes, fl ash cards, posters, etc.)
  • Diagnostic questionnaire (designed to help the user solve a problem)
  • Help desk or knowledge base
  • Q&A advice
  • Demonstrations on how your product/service works with a third-party product/service
  • Company news
  • Deals/coupons
  • Online store
  • Calendar
  • Online utilities (online mortgage or retirement calculators, calorie counters, etc.)
  • Software downloads
  • Games
  • Music
  • Your commercials (Believe it or not, this can be a huge draw.)
  • Twitter feeds and other social media updates
  • Activism tools (tools that will allow users to promote your message)
  • Industry news aggregating (an automatic feed of the latest headlines in the topic area)
  • Lists of outside blogs, industries, or resources that users might find useful

What types of content that YOU generate will you use for your blog?  Post your decision in the comment section below.

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