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Dr. Marcella Wilson is a Computer Science professor and blogger.  She has doctorate and master’s degree in Computer Science.  Her dissertation research was the first to examine the contrast between how older adults, young adults and the general population use social media, blogs and email.   Because of her expertise in social media and blogging, she is regularly featured in the media.  She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

Dr. Wilson has been happily married for over a decade and is a mom to 3 girls – including a set of twins.

about the blog

MarcellaWilson.com is for moms who want to start a blog, but don’t have time to do it or are scared it will be “too techy” or complicated to set up.  I write about blogging, which includes setting up a blog, figuring out what to blog about, writing blog posts, using social media for branding and to get more traffic.   Readers will find training, inspiration and instruction.  Dr. Wilson also provides learning opportunities (live and online training), coaching, and web-related design services.

If you have a media inquiry, are interested in a collaboration or need additional information about advertising, please contact us at marcella@marcellawilson.com.


Dr. Marcella Wilson has been featured, interviewed and quoted in numerous online, print and radio news outlets such as Redbook magazine, The Atlantic, Fox News and The Detroit Free Press.  She has also appeared on live, local and national television broadcasts.  Please visit my Press page for a complete list of my media.




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My readers are your customers.  They are moms who are interested in starting blogs on topics like fashion, food, fitness, home decor and value shopping.  Therefore, my readers are mostly females (90%) that are married and have several children.  They are financially stable (annual income of $75,000+) and live in a metropolitan area.  The main concentration of my readers live in Texas, California, Florida, New York, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio and Virginia.

My readers range in age between 18 – 64.  However,  40% of my readers are between the ages of 24-34 and 20% of my readers are between the ages of 35-44.   My readers are tech-savvy and college-educated.  Most have had some college education and some have pursued graduate studies.  My readers love to keep in contact with friends and family on Facebook.  They also love to pin recipes, outfits and home decor pins on Pinterest.

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My readers are moms who are interested in starting or have a blog about fashion, food, lifestyle or parenting.  So you’ve come to the right place if you looking for busy moms who are trying to find quick solutions and provide a better life for their family.

Because of my education, work experience and media presence, my opinion and guidelines are highly regarded.  When I choose to work with a brand, it’s because I use it, believe in it and stand by its message.

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