Check out my video where I discuss how to use hi-tech safety gadgets to keep your kids safe this Halloween.

The lure of free candy and dressing up in a costume is too much for a child to resist. Unfortunately, child predators take advantage of the holiday to wreak havoc on our lives. So, what can parents do to keep their kids safe while trick-or-treating on Halloween? How can kids have fun and stay safe on Halloween?

Technology allows parents to keep track of their children whether physically with them or not. Did you know that there are Halloween-themed hi-tech devices created specifically to keep kids safe while trick-or-treating?

• GPS tracking-devices that can track your child’s whereabouts at all times
• Hidden cameras and safety lights in Halloween gadgets so fun kids won’t even know they are safety devices
• Halloween apps that locate sex offenders in your area and track your child’s location

So, remember the GAP!

G – GPS Devices
A – Apps
P – Plans or Family Locator Plans