Last week, I was a part of a shoot for Redbook magazine.  Now, before you watch the video, I need to let you know something.  The photo shoot and my reason for being in Redbook has NOTHING to do with technology.  I was very blessed to be asked to be part of a wedding dress fitness challenge.  Redbook is doing a challenge with about 12 women who can’t fit into their wedding dresses anymore because of weight gain due to pregnancies, age, inactivity, etc.   (Okay, okay!  I admit it!  I have gained only a FEW lbs since I got married and looked like this.)  So, this photo shoot is the “before” showing me not fitting into my wedding dress.  It will be in the February 2012 issue, on newsstands nationwide on January 17, 2012.  I will definitely post the photos when the magazine comes out.  I had such an amazing time at the photo shoot.

The “after” shoot will take place in early Spring.  Those photos will be in the June 2012 issue (hopefully) showing me fitting back into my wedding dress. Redbook is providing me and everyone involved with the challenge a nutritionist and a celebrity fitness trainer (who helped Jessica Alba lose her baby weight) for advice and support.   I’m definitely gonna need their help to keep me on track.  So, that means for the next few months, I’m going to be running on my treadmill, doing kettle bell workouts, drinking lots of water and keeping a food journal.

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