Last month, I was featured in Redbook Magazine’s Wedding Dress Fitness Challenge.  Check out the video I took of the shoot.  Now, you know I’m not a fashion model.  When I was younger, I dreamed of becoming a fashion model.  I did a short stint as a model for Wilhelmina in New York City, but I never did anything major.  I’ve done lots of fashion shows but never anything for a major magazine.  I decided not to pursue modeling because I felt it wasn’t for me.  But it’s funny how life can come full circle.   When I was trying to model, I couldn’t get in a major magazine if my life depended on it.  Now, that I’ve moved on to other things, an opportunity to appear in a magazine just falls into my lap.  It’s funny how life works.  I am a lifestyle tech expert and professor.  But sometimes I get asked to do some really cool things.  Thanks Redbook magazine for asking me to participate in their Wedding Dress Fitness Challenge.  Here’s how I spent the day…..

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11:00 am – Leave my home to catch the train to New York City

11:30 am – On the train writing potential blog ideas

3:00 pm – I checked into my hotel and I’m checking google maps to see how to get to my favorite stores!  I’m texting my friends and making dinner plans.

4:00 pm – I got my backpack on and I’m hitting the streets.  I got a map of the city and my walking shoes on.

7:00 pm – Back from doing damage at some amazing stores.  I wanted to get back to the hotel before it got too dark and cold.  I’m a city girl but I ain’t stupid.

8:00 pm – I’m talking to my hubby on the phone and watching one of my favorite shows “Shark Tank”.

9:00 pm – I  pack up everything.  Once I leave the hotel tomorrow morning, I ain’t coming back!

10:00 pm – it’s lights out.  Gotta get up early tomorrow!

5:30 am – Rise and shine!  It’s a beautiful day in the city!  I didn’t really sleep well.  I was too excited about the photo shoot to sleep.

7:30 am – Off to my photoshoot. Thank goodness the hotel is getting me a cab cuz I really don’t want to take the subway.

8:00 am – I’m at Jack studios in Manhattan and ready to go.  I’m saying hello to everyone and checking out the food that craft services is laying out.  I’m glad this challenge is over.  Who says models don’t eat!

8:30 am – I’m in hair and makeup getting glamourized for the shoot

10:00 am – The music is pumping and I”m up.  Dancing to Beyonce’s “Halo” in front of the cameras.  Too fun!

3:00 pm – We do various group shots.  We’re dancing to the music, throwing confetti, and  toasting and drinking champagne.  It’s a celebration!

5:30pm – The shoot is done.  It was so much fun but its been a long day.  Why are there drunk people dressed in green staggering down the street?  I forgot!  It’s St Patrick’s Day!  They are obviously doing it big here in New York!  I wonder if I can catch a cab or do I have to walk to the train station?  I’m racing through the city to catch my train back home.  I miss my fam.

5:31 pm – A cab pulls up and we’re on our way.  I know I’m not gonna make the 6:05 train.  I guess I’ll get the 7:00 pm train outta here.

5:47 pm – We pull up to the train station.  This city moves at the speed of light.  I can’t believe it.  I just might be able to make the 6:05 train.

6:05 pm – I’m all snug in a window seat on the train.  I grab a snack from my backpack and put on my iPod.  I’m listening to Gotye.  I begin writing notes down for this blog post.

12 midnight – My bags are unpacked and I’m exhausted. I’m home recanting all the fun details of the trip to my husband.  All he’s worried about is how much damage I did while shopping!  Tonight, I’ll be dreaming of the pancakes and syrup that I’m gonna have tomorrow morning!  Hey, everybody deserves a cheat day.  What a great day!

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