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old-school mail-in rebates are gone

I remember back in the day, my mom was always doing mail-in rebates.  Do you remember those? Did your family do mail-in rebates? If you bought a certain product, you could get money back in the mail.  All you had to do was fill out a form, include the product’s UPC code and receipt in an envelope. Then, 6-8 weeks later, (hopefully) you’d get a rebate check in the mail.  A lot of times, we’d forget that we mailed out a rebate. But it was always exciting to open our mailbox and find a rebate check for a few dollars. Boy, those were the days!

Well, companies don’t really use mail-in rebates anymore.  This process is pretty much totally online now and sites like Ebates have streamlined the cash back process and made it super simple for customers to get money back on their purchases.  Personally, I use Ebates all the time.

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Ebates is a site that offers cash back and coupons for online shopping purchases.  Retailers such as Amazon, Etsy, Sephora, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, JC Penny and many other stores that you’ll find at your local mall have teamed up with Ebates to give you cash back. I didn’t find out about Ebates through some blog or from one of my mommy friends.  My husband told me about Ebates. He had been regularly receiving checks from Ebates, getting cash back from purchases he made online. One day, he was like, “Cella, you should sign up for Ebates so you can get money back when you shop.” He sent me an email link so I could sign up and the rest is history.  Why don’t you try Ebates and see if you like it? They will give you $10 just to sign up. 

Click here to get started with Ebates.


If you’re shopping online anyway – and who isn’t – you might as well get some money back from those purchases.  It’s a no-brainer.  Now, you may think that using Ebates to get 1% back from Target or 6% back from JC Penny is not worth your time.   But trust me, that 2% here and 5% from there quickly adds up over time. It’s fun to watch your money add up over time. Once you see how much money you are making, you’ll be hooked.  


Using Ebates is a pretty simple process.  First you need to sign up for Ebates.  Click HERE to sign up for Ebates using my link and get a $10 Welcome Bonus.  See, it pays to use Ebates!

Once you’ve signed up, make sure you’re logged in on the Ebates site.  Then, search for the retailer you want to shop at online. Once you find the retailer, click the red “shop now” button.   Next, Ebates will automatically transfer you to the retailers site and if you make a purchase, ebates will track it for cash back.  There’s nothing else you need to do. In a few days, I suggest checking your Ebates account to make sure that your purchase has been recorded and your cash back is on its way.

I highly recommend downloading the Ebates Cash Back Button for your browser.  This makes it even easier to get cash back on your purchases. Because anytime you visit a site that uses Ebates, the Ebates button will pop up letting you know that you can get cash back if you make a purchase.  Cool, right? If you use the Ebates Cash Back Button, you don’t have to go to Ebates.com to find out if the retailer you want to make a purchase at offers cash back.

ebates cash back button

To download the Ebates Cash Back Button, please visit https://www.ebates.com/button.htm.

And that’s it.  In summary, all you need to do is sign up for Ebates, download the Ebates cash back button, shop and get money back.  So sign up for Ebates today. And now is a great time to join because If you sign up for Ebates using my link, you’ll get $10 back when you spend at least $25.  Woohoo! That’s a great deal.


No way!  Ebates is legit!  My husband and I have received cash back money from them.


Yes, but it will take some preplanning.  Ebates offers rebates for mostly online shopping purchases.  However, rebates for in-store purchases at certain retailers are available.  They don’t have as many in-store cash back opportunities as they do for online shopping, but enough to make it worth your while to check out.  So, if you know you are going to a certain store ahead of time, check Ebates to see if they’re offering in-store cash back for purchases at that retailer.  If so, you must link up the credit card that you’ll use to make your in-store purchase for that retailer on Ebates. Then, head off to that store and make your purchase.  Ebates will track that purchase and your cash will land in your account in a few days. There has to be a bit of planning involved if you are trying to get cash back from Ebates for an in-store purchase. But the effort is well worth it!


First of all, Ebates pays its members on a quarterly basis.  And in order to get a payout from Ebates, you must have earned at least $5.00 in that quarter.  But, you can get your money from Ebates in 2 ways. They can either mail you a check or deposit the money into your PayPal account.  Personally, we get Ebates checks sent to our house. However, I may switch to PayPal deposits in the future.

And I really like that Ebates actually gives you money back – real money.  Because some cash-back services don’t give you money back. That’s right! They give your “money” back in the form of Amazon gift cards and all sorts of other foolishness.  I stay away from using those cash-back services. But you don’t have to worry about that with Ebates. They’ll either deposit your cold, hard cash into your PayPal account or send you a check that actually clears.  


The beautiful thing about Ebates is that they don’t preclude you from using physical or digital coupons.  Actually, the use of coupons is highly recommended. If you visit Ebates, you’ll see that they regularly list cash back and coupon opportunities for your purchase.  So doing both is encouraged. 


Nope!  Once you make a purchase without using Ebates, that’s it.  They won’t give you cash back on that purchase.


My husband is so funny when it comes to Ebates.  Whenever we go shopping, he wants to use Ebates. For example, this past weekend, my husband and I were at L’occitane.  I love their vegetable soap bars! They smell great and last forever! I was at the counter getting ready to slap down my credit card to pay when I heard my husband behind me whispering, “Ebates, Ebates”.  I had to laugh but I understood. Because once you start getting checks or money being deposited into your PayPal account from Ebates, you’ll start suggesting it to everyone around you, too.

In closing, ebates is a great way save and get money back from your purchases.  I don’t know about you but I’m always trying to look for ways to save a buck.  Before I purchase something, I’m on the hunt for a coupon, discount or a sale.  I’m always trying to stay within budget and save a few bucks.  Knowing that I can get cash back from my purchases using Ebates is a great thing.  

BTW, did your mom used to do mail-in rebates?  

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