How to get more Instagram followers

Instagram is a great place for female business owners to find customers and grow a huge following.  Whatever type of business you are in or product or service you offer, your customer is on Instagram.  If you are a photographer or model trying to get noticed in the industry, Instagram is a great place to get seen.  If you are a baker, nail artist, stylist, virtual assistant, web designer or hair dresser trying to get more business, your customer is definitely on Instagram.

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Instagram has approximately 500 million users – yes, that’s half a billion people – and the numbers are increasing daily.  Instagram is the fastest growing social media app on the planet.  It may seem like everyone is already on Instagram and there is no room left for you.  But that’s not true.  I believe that Instagram will follow in the footsteps of its owner Facebook and grow to over 1 billion users.  Trust me, now is the time to get on Instagram and harness its power.

If you are just starting out on Instagram or have been around for a while, here are some tips that can help build up your followers and find clients.  Below are 5 types of Instagram photos every entrepreneur needs in their repertoire.

  1. #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) – This is probably the most popular type of Instagram post (and hashtag!) on the ‘Gram. Showing off your outfit of the day from head to toe is a must.  And it doesn’t matter what business you are in, people want to see you in your daily life.  Everyone is posting selfies and their outfits so why not you, too?  People always ask me if I get sent free clothes or if they have to wear expensive, designer clothes to show on their Instagram account.  And my answer is a resounding, Heck no!  I say just use what’s in your closet.  That’s what I do.  Don’t go spending lots of money on clothes for your Instagram photos.  Look no further than your own closet.  If you like what you are wearing on any given day, then get to picture snapping and post it for your fans to see.
  1. Focus – No, I am not talking about that Ariana Grande song (which I happen to love). I am talking about having your picture focus on one special thing that you are trying to highlight.  If you sell sweaters, maybe you can do a close-up picture on an intricately hand-beaded sweater that just came into your shop.  Or if you are a fitness trainer, show a picture focusing on your amazing abs.  Whatever you choose, make sure it focuses on one thing.  And as a side note, please make sure the picture is crystal clear and not fuzzy or hazy.  Try to post the clearest, most beautiful pictures as possible.
  1. Collage – A collage is a photo that shows a combination or collection of things.  In the case of an instaglammer, a collage could show an outfit with the matching accessories and makeup.  Or a collage could show different types of rain boots.  Whatever the case, a collage is a great.  If you are the star of your Instagram feed, using a collage instead actually being in every photo is a great way to take a break and switch things up on your feed but still stay on brand.

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  1. Themed Photos (A Holiday, Booties Week, etc.) – If a holiday is coming up, celebrate it on Instagram.  Take a picture in a funny turkey hat for Thanksgiving or an ugly Christmas sweater.   In October, every day wear or show something that is pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  This is really not hard to do.  If you are struggling to come up with ideas of themes you can use, just look around you or at the calendar but make sure it relates to your business.  Is it June?  If you are a dentist, you can post pictures of clients that are graduating from school.   Also create your own themes and post pictures for a few days or a week to play up that theme.

And last but definitely not least…

  1. Quotes – Everyone loves a good quote. Did you know that on Facebook and Instagram, quotes get the most likes, comments, shares, tags and reposts more than any other type of photo?  Just think about it.  Quotes can be funny, inspirational, sarcastic or motivational sayings.  A quote can also be something interesting a person of note has said or written.  Try posting a quote photo about once a week and I bet you’ll be surprised at the huge response and interaction you get from it.   A great source of quotes is the internet.  Just google “quotes” and it will return a vast array of websites and actual quotes that you can use.

Of course this is just a starting point for you.  There are so many other types of fun and interesting posts you can use on Instagram.  The key is to continue posting on a regular basis.  And if you want to learn some important things you don’t want to do on Instagram, click on the button below to learn the 5 Rookie Mistakes I made that you don’t want to make.  Now get out there and be amazing!

Download FREE Cheat Sheet of “5 Rookie Mistakes that Instaglammers Make”

But before you go, let me ask you something.  Have you used all 5 of these types of photos on your Instagram account?  Was there one type of photo that you have not tried but want to use?  Let me know in the comment section below.  And if you haven’t already, please follow me on Instagram.  Have a great day!