Hi!! Guess what? Today is my social media anniversary and I am so happy. I have been on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for 5 years today. It doesn’t seem like 5 years have gone by but it has. When I first started out I was definitely all over the place and didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going. I was just kinda winging it. This journey has been full of ups and downs, stops and starts, sleepless nights, frustration, fun, elation and joy. I wish I started earlier than I did but I am glad that I am where I am.

I went through several variations before I settled on what I am doing online today. I felt strongly that I should have an online presence but I was not clear on what I should do. At first when I starting blogging and posting on social media, I was just posting stuff about me and my family. But that kinda freaked my husband out so I stopped. And that was probably for the best because there are alot of crazy people out there. Then, I decided I would blog about the latest and greatest tech gadgets. But that didn’t last too long because I had two babies and a toddler that kept me super busy. I barely had time to shower or sleep, let alone keep up with the latest tech. After that, I started posting about social media and blogging. More specifically, I was teaching people how to blog and how to use social media to build their business. Now, while I do know a lot about that, it kinda bored me. I wasn’t excited to work on my blog or post pictures on Instagram. People always thought I dressed great and asked me about fashion, beauty, hair and stuff like that. I thought, maybe I could blog about that. But I shied away from it because I thought who would listen to me? Then one day I said to myself you know what, why not? You only live once, I could just do it for fun and see what happens. So now, I blog and post about fashion, beauty and tech. It has been truly heavenly. I love what I do. I love talking to you online, taking pictures, and making videos. It really has been a great experience and outlet for me. Thank you for being with me every step of the way. So, I am happy to share my journey, my evolution and my anniversary with you.

In closing, I want to tell you that it is okay to follow a dream or a passion – no matter how crazy, off-beat or unrealistic it may seem. Just do it. Do what makes you happy and don’t wait too long to do it because before you know it, years will have gone by. Why don’t you tell me all about your dream or passion that you are or want to blog about in the comments below.

Can’t wait to celebrate the next anniversary…

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