Dr. Marcella Wilson

Me and my Dad!

I am so proud of my Dad because he is 72 and has over 10,000 followers.  I helped my dad come up with a strategy to build a huge following on Twitter.  My dad is Charles Hopkins and he only tweets out Bible verses.  Here is how he does it…

When did you start your Twitter account?

Two years ago.

Why did you start a Twitter account?

I was a minister.  For me, I couldn’t do that actively anymore.  So, I wanted to do a ministry on the computer.

How often do you tweet?

I work on it two times a day daily.  In the morning, I used to thank the people who have retweeted me.  But now, I just thank the people who have followed me because I have so many followers.  In the evening, I schedule my tweets for the next 24 hour period using SocialOOmph.

At what point did you see it going beyond your expectations?

When I reached 1,000 – 2,000 followers.   I never thought it would even get there.  And then it just kept going.  When I got 5,000 followers, I started to created goals to get the next 1,000 followers.  I try to get 1,000 followers a month.  I try to see what I am doing that brings in the most people.  I can see that by the retweets and the people that follow me.

That’s interesting because studies have shown that once you get 1,000 fans on Facebook or 1,000 followers on Twitter, your following will start to organically grow by itself.  What are your most popular tweets?

I tweet Bible verses and I try to see by the feedback what type of verses are most meaningful to people.  But people are different.  Some like the verses about encouragement.  Others like verses about God’s rule.  But I pick verses that I feel people should hear.  But the verses have to fit the 140 characters that Twitter allows.

What else are you working on?

I am trying to have more interaction with my followers.  So I am working on a forum or blog to post Christian news stories.  So, I will post links to the stories on my Twitter account and people can go to my blog and post comments.

Do you make money from your Twitter account?

Not at this point.  But I hope I can work that into my forum or blog and monetize it to earn some type of income.

What advice would you give someone trying to get more Twitter followers?

Consistency and pay attention to feedback.  I do it because I like it and it makes me feel good.  I just really enjoy it.  And the subject is enjoyable and important to me, so it doesn’t seem like work.  The Internet and tweeting is good for people who are handicapped or are less mobile.  My energy level is not what it used to be but I can do this right from my couch.

To read my Dad’s tweets or follow him, visit him on Twitter.  His Twitter handle is @capt496.

So what can you learn from my Dad?

1. Be consistent.   Over time, it pays off in a big way.

2. Stay on brand.  My dad only tweets one thing – bible verses.  So I suggest having a personal and business Twitter accounts.  Only use your business Twitter account to talk about your brand.

3. Set goals.  Have a time frame and a tangible number goal that you want to reach.

What are some of your tips for getting more Twitter followers?  I’d love to hear what works for you.

If you haven’t already done so, please follow me on Twitter.  My Twitter handle is @marcellawilson.