What is Pinterest?
All of a sudden, everyone is talking about Pinterest.  It’s everywhere!  Now I know what you are thinking.  What is Pinterest and do I really have to sign up for another social media account?  I can barely keep up with the ones I have!  Well, if you are wondering what it is and how to get started, then read on. 

In my closet, I have a huge cork board with a bunch of stick pins.  On it, I’ll post pictures that I’ve ripped out of fashion magazines.  I have pictures of shoes, purses, accessories and clothes that I like.   Anything that moves me and I want to remember, I post it on my fashion board.  Before I go shopping, I’ll usually scan my board to see what styles and looks I want to buy.  While I was in graduate school, I had a cork board next to my desk.  On that board, I had a picture of a graduation cap and gown, a fake Ph.D. diploma that said “Dr. Marcella Wilson” on it and many other motivation images.  I would use that board to inspire me to keep working hard towards graduation.  Some call what I was creating a vision board.  WellPinterest is a site that has taken the vision board concept and made it digital. 

Pinterest Pointers
So Pinterest is what I call an online vision board.  It’s a place where you can post a group of pictures that you are interested in, all in one spot.  You can have several interests, thus have several boards.

What is a pin? A pin is an image on a board.   You can pin things to a board by uploading it to your computer or posting an image from another web site.  If you do the latter, you will create a link from the image on your board to the web site you are copying the photo or pin from.

What is a board?  A board is group of pins (or images) devoted to one topic.   A board is a topic and on that board you can post images (or pins) related to that topic.  Remember I had two boards in my house: one devoted to fashion and the other to graduation.  I love  the fashion designer Betsey Johnson and she is always all over the fashion board in my closet.  Take a look at Pinterest’s Betsey Johnson board.

Can I have followers like Twitter followers?  You can follow a board or a person.  So, if you follow a person, you get notified about activity on all of their boards.  But if you follow a board, you only get updates about additions to that specific board.  Let’s use my fashion and graduation boards as example.  If you were to follow me on Pinterest, you would get notified anytime I pinned a new image on my fashion and graduation boards.  However, if you were to follow my fashion board only, you would only get notified when I pinned a new image on that board.  You would not get notified when I pinned something on my graduation board.  Make sense?

How to get started on Pinterest in one easy step 
Get invited!  Right now, Pinterest is by invitation only.  So, you‘ll need the hook-up to get in.  You can go to Pinterest’s web site to request an invite or have someone who is already on pinterest give you the hook-up.  Good luck and happy pinning!

I think it’s a great idea.  Do you plan on joining Pinterest?  What will you be pinning on Pinterest?  Let me know!