The Busy Mom's Guide on How to Lose Weight Fast


A 30-page eBook filled with meals, eating plan and workout plans that I used while participating in Redbook magazine’s Wedding Dress Challenge.  If you want to (finally!) figure out how to lose weight, this book is for you. Let me share with you what I learned from my celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist.


Eating Plans

Losing weight is 90% what you eat.  Learn my easy to follow and realistic way to eat that helps you lose weight.


Meal Guides

Nutritious and delicious meals and snacks you’ll love to eat!

Workout Schedules

Cardio and weight workouts that torch calories, melts fat and help you reach your ideal weight.

I Couldn't Lose My Baby Weight


When I had my first child, I lost the baby weight quickly.  But after I had my twins, I tipped the scale at over 200 pounds!  And I definitely couldn’t fit back into my wedding dress.  I tried everything but was having trouble dropping the baby weight.  I needed help fast!


Then, Redbook magazine asked me to participate in their Wedding Dress Challenge.

The purpose of the program was to help women who couldn’t fit into their wedding dresses because of weight gain due to pregnancies, age, and inactivity, lose weight.

Redbook Helped Me Lose 18 Pounds Fast


For 3 months, I worked with a celebrity fitness trainer and a nutritionist.   It was an amazing experience and I lost 18 pounds during the challenge.   I dropped 2 dress sizes and was able to fit back into my wedding dress.  Plus, I got to appear in Redbook magazine.   How cool is that?


Take a look at me and the other participants in Redbook Magazine!

Check out my”before” and “after” shoots with Redbook Magazine!

What’s Included in the ebook?

Table of Contents

This is a 25-page eBook that covers a different topic in each chapter.


Before I get into the workouts, meal plans and weight loss tips, I give some background info as to why I needed to lose weight so badly.

W – Workout

You gotta get moving to get fit and lose weight.  I’ll share my no-fail fitness plan of how I lost 18 pounds.  And so you’ll never get bored working out, I’ll give you a list of my favorite workout DVD.

E – Eating Plan

I discuss my diet plan in detail.  It includes a breakdown of the types of foods I ate during the challenge and tasty meal options.  Plus, I’ll share with you all my favorite cheats, snacks and diet foods that I can’t live without.

D – Drink Water

Water is crucial to weight loss.  I give tips on how to drink more water each day and how it benefits your health.

D – Diversify Your Food and Workouts

Variety is the spice of life.  You gotta mix things up to keep the pounds coming off.  In this section, you’ll find surefire tips on how to keep your body guessing.  Plus my recommendations for healthy cookbooks.

I – Increase Your Steps

My trainer swears by walking and says its her secret weapon to get her celebrity clients red-carpet ready.  So check out this section on tricks to get more steps in daily.  Plus, I’ll share with you the pedometer I’m addicted to.

N – Note It

Tracking your food intake is key to changing your eating habits.  Find out what I use to log in my food and exercise every day.

G – Goals: Set a Realistic One

Don’t get caught up in fad dieting and setting impossible goals for yourself.  No you do not want to lose 20 pounds in a month.  That’s setting yourself up for failure.  Learn how to set an attainable weight loss goal and check out tools that I use to set goals and track my progress.

D – Do It Again

I love Prince.  May he rest in peace.  He had a song called “Joy in Repetition” and I truly believe that.  The key to weight loss is doing successful actions – like working out and eating right – over and over again.   Check out my tips on how to change your mindset and find the “joy in repetition”.

R – Report to Someone

You can supercharge your weight loss if you are accountable to someone.  But I don’t recommend telling everyone and everybody that you’re trying to lose weight.  Find out how to find an accountability partner to support you through your weight loss journey.

E – Expect Struggles

Losing weight is not an easy process.  If it was easy, more people would be thinner and in better health.  In this section, I give your real-life strategies on how to stay on track when eating out at restaurants and how to motivate yourself to workout.  Plus, you’ll learn my daily visualization trick that helps me stay motivated to lose weight.

S – Scale: Get On It Once a Week

Now I know this is scary for some folks. I’m with you.  Getting on the scale is scary but it lets us know if we’re on track or not.

S – Splurge Once a Week

Yes, you can cheat on your diet.  Furthermore, I will go on record as saying that you need cheat meals.  Yup, I said it.  Check out this section to discover my 8 rules on how to eat a cheat meal and still lose weight.


Pictures, videos and information on how to sign up for my boot camps and other live events.



  • Workout calendar
  • Food log
  • A Weekly Menu

I know it’s tough to lose weight.  For me, it’s always been a constant struggle.  I was always considered “thick” or a big girl.  But let me share with you all the tips and tricks I learned from the pros on how to lose weight quickly and easily.   Trust me, if I can lose weight, you can too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Wilson, are you a medical doctor?

No, I am not.  I have a PhD and am a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science.  However, I am not a medical doctor and have no medical training.  I am not providing medical advice.   This website and my eBook details my experience on how I lost weight while a participant in Redbook magazine’s Wedding Dress Challenge.  Before starting a new exercise and/or eating plan, I recommend seeking medical / professional advice.  Please know that weight loss and results vary from person to person.  Results are not guaranteed.

Dr. Wilson, how long did you participate in the Wedding Dress Challenge?

Great question!  I participated in the challenge for 4 months from November to February.  I did the challenge over the holidays and actually lost weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Do I Have to buy any special, prepackaged food on this eating plan ?

Nope!  You can find all the food in this eating plan at your local grocery store.  There’s no need to order any type of special, prepackaged food in this program.

Is this diet only for moms?

Nope!  I geared  my eBook to busy moms.  My target audience is mommy bloggers so I “speak” to them.  But in all honesty, anyone and anybody can benefit from the information in my eBook.

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