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To become a mommy blogger, you gotta have  to start a blog, right?  So you gotta set up a blog, so you can blog.  Some people get intimidated, scared or overwhelmed when it comes to setting up or installing technical things.  But I am here to help you and walk you through this process step by step.  Don’t worry.  You can do this.  It is really simple to start your blog using BlueHost.  I got you.

I also want to congratulate you for reading this.  I am proud that you are taking action.  I am glad that you are beginning to learn about something you have a desire to do.

In this blog post, I am going to help you get your blog up and running so you can begin to pursue those dreams and aspirations that you have. Once I got serious about blogging, amazing things began happening to me. Here are just a few of the wonderful opportunities I have experienced because of blogging:

  • Appeared on several local news stations discussing technology
  • Featured and quoted in Redbook magazine numerous times
  • Quoted by major news outlets for my expertise (Fox News, MSNBC, The Today Show)
  • Participated in high fashion photo shoots in New York City
  • Got paid speaker and panelist gigs for conferences and workshops
  • and much more…  check out my Press page 🙂

All that stuff just cuz I started a blog.  And yes, I make money off my blog.  But before the checks start rolling in for you, we gotta get your blog up.  So here we go.

Web Hosting Service: What is it?

To set up a blog, you will need to get web hosting service.  But just in case you’re not sure exactly what a web host is, let me explain it to you.  A web host gives you space on the internet to “house” your blog.  Let me give you an example.  There are millions of townhomes, houses, apartments, condos, etc. in every city.  But each living space has its own unique location or address.  The domain name is the address or location of that living space that identifies it from all the others.  Your blog is stored in the living space online.  But you need to find a web host to rent that living space online that houses your blog.  The web host is the landlord who rents out a certain amount of space on the internet for your blog to live.  To sum it all up, the web host makes space available to house your blog on the internet and leases or rents that space to you.

Your web host rents out the space to you.  You cannot permanently own this space on the internet.  Your job is to find a web host that offers rates you find affordable.  You can buy this service on a monthly or yearly basis.  The longer you pay up front for web space, the cheaper the rate will be.  I recommend that you use BlueHost.  The service is affordable and the customer service is amazing.

Click here to get started. 

Web Host Setup Tutorial

Now, that you know what a web host is, let’s start the 6-step tutorial on how to set up Bluehost’s web hosting service.  Just to let you know upfront what this tutorial covers, here are the 6 steps you will complete to set up your blog.

  1. Select Your Plan
  2. Setup Your Free Domain Name
  3. Create Your Account
  4. Pick Your Package
  5. Make Your Investment
  6. Install WordPress

But first, let me just tell some of the amazing benefits that you will get with BlueHost.


Bluehost offers so many benefits with its hosting service.  You’ll get reliable hosting service, meaning your blog will never go down or be offline.  This is important because your blog is your business.  And if its offline, you’re not making any money.  Plus its embarrassing when people go to your blog and it’s not there.


Also if you have any issues with your blog, BlueHost has technicians available to help 24/7 and they don’t put you on hold forever when you call.  This is so comforting to me because I usually work on my blog in the wee hours of the morning.  Knowing that I can call Bluehost at any hour if I run into any problems with my blog is reassuring.

I could go on and on.  But this is all about you and getting your blog set up.  So, let’s do it!  Click HERE to get started with BlueHost.


Step 1: Select Your Plan

Bluehost offers crazy cheap prices on its superior web hosting service.  There are 3 affordably priced plans.  Since you get a 30-Day money back guarantee, I suggest taking the plan that makes the least impact on your wallet.  I recommend the $2.95 per month plan.  So, you really have got nothing to lose since you can get your money back.  Go ahead and sign up today.

Right now, you’re just checking out the plans BlueHost offers.  In a few steps, you’ll actually sign up for your specific plan.


Step 2: Setup Your Free Domain Name

Every blog needs a unique domain name.  Not sure what a domain name is?  A domain name is a unique web address on the internet.  For example, my domain name or web address is  It is unique because no two people can have the same domain name.  When you type in on the computer, it takes you to my blog.  A domain name is like the address of a home.  There are millions of houses, apartments, condos and townhouses in every city.  But each one has a unique address that identifies it from all the others.  Essentially, a domain name is the location of a web site.

Now, let’s be clear about one thing.  You do not own your domain name.  It does not belong to you.  You can pay a fee to use your selected domain name for several months or up to several years.  But in all actuality, a domain name is rented.  Your domain name is yours for as long as your payments are current.  If you let your domain name expire or don’t keep up the payments, your domain name can be resold to another party.  The longer you pay up front to use the domain name, the bigger the discount usually is.

If you don’t have any ideas for your domain name, I recommend you pick something from the 4 most popular types of domain names for a business.

  1. What you do (Ex:
  2. The name of your business (Ex:
  3. Your first and last name (Ex:
  4. The target audience of your business. (Ex:

BlueHost has agreed to give all my clients a free domain name if they sign up using my link.   It’s actually pretty cool that Bluehost is giving you a domain name for FREE!  This easily saves you about $100 a year.


Step 3: Create Your Account

Now it’s time to set up your Blue Host account.  You have 2 options here.  You can use your Google account to sign up for BlueHost.  Or you can enter your personal information to setup your BlueHost account.  Personally, I recommend setting up a BlueHost account and not using your Google login.  The reason?  Call me crazy, but if your Google login gets hacked or compromised in any way, those criminals have access to your Google and BlueHost accounts.  Your BlueHost account houses your blog which is your business and you need to protect that at all costs.   So create a separate account for BlueHost.

BlueHost needs your full name, address, phone number and email address.  Please don’t use any abbreviations or purposefully put in any incorrect information.  Again, your blog is your business so make sure this information is accurate.


Step 4: Pick Your Package

This is where you tell BlueHost the plan you want.  Again, I recommend the $3.95/ month plan.  It is the most cost effective.  However, I want you to notice that you will be billed for 3 years upfront.  Don’t let this put you off.  I know when bloggers are just starting out, they usually want to sign up for a year to see hour things pan out.  But trust me, if you are reading this, you are in it for the long haul.  And honestly, it may take your blog a year just to become profitable.  When that year is up, you’ll have to reup and pay for more web hosting service.  Your new rates for web hosting will undoubtedly be more expensive than $3.95 a month.  The more years you buy upfront, the cheaper the cost for the service will be.  So, sign up for the $3.95 plan and make sure to keep those checked boxes checked.  They are important and here’s why…

Domain Privacy Protection

Shields your personal information linked to your domain from public records.  WHOIS is an organization that manages all the data related to domain names.  WHOIS has a public database where anyone can access the personal information of those who registered a domain name.  This service will keep your personal information private.

Site Backup Pro

This is definitely a must.  If you site crashes, BlueHost can restore it back to normal.  No one thinks this will happen to them.  But trust me, it can and will happen at the most inopportune time.  It’s better to have this service now, then to have your blog crash and have to start from zero.  Save yourself a headache and get this service.

Sitelock Security

This important security feature protects your blog from hacking and other malicious attacks.  This is another service you want to get now, rather than have something catastrophic happen to your blog.  Sitelock will scan and remove malware, and other harmful things from your blog.  Turn on the news and I guarantee you’ll find a story about someone getting hacked, a virus attack or information getting leaked.  Do not skip this service.


Step 5: Make Your Investment

Yes, this is an investment in your business.  It’s a small price to pay to bring your dreams and goals into fruition.  I want you to see it that way.  So, enter your credit card information to pay for your web hosting service.  Be sure to read the fine print in the blue box.  Basically, it says that when the 3 years they you paid for are up, automatically your credit card will be charged and your service renewed.  You will get an email when it’s time for you to renew your service but just be aware of this.

Next, check that you have read BlueHost’s terms of service, cancellation and privacy policies.  Then, click the blue submit button.  And presto!  Your Blue Host account is all set up.


Step 6: Install WordPress

When you get your web hosting service via BlueHost, you have to complete one more step in order to start blogging.  You must install blogging software on your blog in order for it to work properly.  I recommend using WordPress for your blogging software.  It is the preferred blogging software of most bloggers.  And installing WordPress on BlueHost is as simple as clicking a button because that’s all you have to do.  Click the “Install WordPress” button on WordPress and you’re done.

Next Steps!

Congrats on starting blog.  Now, I’m not gonna leave you hanging.  You still need to do a few more things before your blog is ready to be presented to the world.

  1. Get a WordPress Theme.  A theme is the design of your blog.  Now, WordPress has some built-in themes that you can use and you can also get free WordPress themes on the Internet.  However, I have tried both and firmly believe that you get what you pay for.  I recommend Elegant Themes by Divi for your blog.  I use it on this blog and it is a game changer.  You can customize it to your blog and create any kind of configuration, layout or design that you want.  I will never use another theme again.  Click HERE to check it out
  2. Sign up for an email subscription service. Collecting email addresses is so important and having a large, engaged email list is the true sign of a profitable business.  You need to start collecting email addresses on day one that your blog is up.  I wish I had done this.  There are lots of email subscription services out there.  But I have used aweber since I started blogging and highly recommend it for you.  Click HERE to learn more.

More Information About Blogging

Your blogging journey has just begun.  Below, I have listed some blog posts I have written that will help you blog better.

Okay, if you read and do everything in this blog post, then you are off to a good start.  I am so proud and excited for you.  Hey, do me a favor…  Leave me a comment letting me know what your blog is and a link to it.  I would love to check it out.  Thanks and happy blogging.


Dr. Marcella Wilson

P.S. Remember you can always email me at marcella at marcellawilson dot com if you have any questions or need any hand holding.

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