How to write blog posts that generate income is something you can do if you are just starting out and don't have a product, service or course to sell. Start making $ from the very first blog post you write. Happy pinning:)!

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When I first started my blog, it was about my take on all the latest technology news and gadgets.  I presented myself as a tech expert giving advice on how to use technology in our work and personal lives.  To my surprise, I got a lot of media attention from my blog. I was regularly asked to give interviews and went to local news stations to tape news segments.  I was on TV, my blog looked great and I was traveling here and there. 

Everything was perfect, right?    Wrong!

Wanna know why?   I wasn’t making any moneyNope!  Not ONE PENNY off my blog or from all that media I was doing.


At first, I was fine with not making any money.  I was just enjoying this new experience.  Unfortunately, that got old real fast because my life and priorities changed.  I became a stay-at-home mommy to my toddler and twin babies.  So my husband was working full-time, but I wasn’t.  

It was hard (and scary!) going from two incomes to one.  

Plus, I was so over ripping and running all over town without getting any kind of compensation.  Mainly because I was exhausted from staying up all night with my twin babies.  And it became increasingly difficult to travel or run to a news station with only 2 hours notice because I was the main caregiver for my children.  My days were filled with doctor’s appointments, play dates and potty training.   I was teaching one online graduate course but I knew that I wanted to do things for my children that required money that we didn’t have, like gymnastics, ballet class and private schooling.  

And forget about going on a vacation or trying to save some money.  We just couldn’t do it.  

But an interesting thing was also happening during this time. Many of my family and mom friends wanted me to help them start a blog so they could make money online.  They wanted to stay home with their kids, work from home and contribute money to their household.  Well, I wanted to figure out how to make money online too so I began to research it.  I knew the technical side of how computers and the Internet worked, but I had no business savvy.  So, I started teaching my mom friends my super-simple steps on how to start a blog.  But I also took some time to learn about business and online marketing so I could make money from my blog.

But when I first started trying to make money blogging, I struggled.  Other bloggers made it seem so easy.  It was as if they had figured out this mystical, unattainable secret on how to turn a blog into bank.

Now fast forward to today where I make 100% of my income online!  

But what about you?

I am assuming that you want to figure out the “secret sauce” of how to money online since you are reading this.  You may have heard that you should write a whole bunch of blog posts before you can start making money online.  Or you may have heard that you should blog consistently for at least 6 months before even focusing on making money off your blog.  Maybe you are just starting out and don’t have a product, course or service to sell.

But what if I told you that was all wrong?  

What if I told you that it’s possible to start making money from the very first blog post you write?  

Cuz believe or not, you can start earning income today just by writing a blog post.

Imagine waking up in the morning, checking your email inbox and finding notifications that you have made money from your blog while you slept.  Imagine that happening to you every, single day!

Imagine being able to pay for dance or karate lessons for your kids or taking your family on a Disney vacation all from the money you make from your blog.  

Start writing blog posts that make money today!

Now I want to help YOU by sharing everything I’ve learned and experienced about blogging and how to make money online.  My passion is helping women create successful, profitable blogs so they can stay at home with their family and create the life they want to live.   But I am happy to help all who want to learn.  So, if you want to get out of the rat race, dictate your own schedule, work location independent and make your own money, let me show you how.

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