This week Jessica Simpson tweeted a picture of her new baby girl, Maxwell. Can I say that she is just the cuteness? Look at those lips! So sweet! I am sure that Jessica feels the way.  As I went through my day, I saw the photo of Jessica’s baby everywhere – on television, on blogs, etc. Everyone was talking about Jessica and baby Maxwell. Some of the articles and comments were very interesting. Now, no one is gonna come out and say bad things about a baby but people were definitely mixed about Jessica. Some articles were talking about how much weight Jessica gained during her pregnancy and how she is “stressed out” trying to lose it. Others were just commenting on what a wonderful mother she is. Some even said posting a baby picture is just too much information. Well, I think that picture is just a part of Jessica’s brand and master plan that she implements using social media. How does she do it? Read on…

Tabloids – Friend or Foe? Jessica stays in the tabloids. There always seems to be rumors of weight gain, weight loss, trouble in her current relationship, regreting her divorce, family strife – you name it. But one thing is sure, Jessica makes money off of the tabloids because they have to pay her to put her on their cover. Did you know that? And Jessica makes the tabloids money. They would not put her on the cover if they didn’t think it would sell. So any way you look at it, Jessica is winning when it comes to the tabloids whether their portrayal of her is positive or not.

Dumb Blonde or Brilliant Business Woman? I think Jessica is smart. She may come across as a kooky, dumb blonde but you don’t build a billion brand by being dumb. So why not feed into the image that she has created by posting wacky, funny and heartwarming pictures of herself (and family) as she goes through life. That image made her a household name and has given her an audience and platform. Her many twitpics get her attention, press and ultimately more earning power. She is using twitter to empower herself and her brand. Brilliant!

A Brand or a Train Wreck?  I believe Jessica and her brand is so popular because she comes across as real. Let’s just be honest, there are so many women out there who can identify with her getting married, going through a divorce, gaining weight during a pregnancy, trying to lose the baby weight, etc. The refreshing thing about Jessica is she wasn’t going around saying she was only eating healthy things during her pregnancy. She was honest about letting people know what her cravings were and many women can identify with that. A lot of pregnant celebs would never tell you (let alone eat) that they ate mac and cheese and Pop Tarts.  She puts it all out and some may feel it’s too much but her legions of fans say otherwise. But if you look at it another way, Jessica started out as a pop singer. But it wasn’t until she let the cameras into her life on her hit MTV show “Newlyweds” that Jessica blew up. Jessica is only doing what she knows best, letting the public in on her personal life.

The beauty of social media is that it allows Jessica complete control in letting her fans into her daily life without having a television show or album.   But what do you think?  Are you a Jessica fan?  Do you think she’s a train wreck, won’t lose the baby weight and will never marry her baby daddy Eric (and if she does, they’ll get divorced)?  Lemme know your thoughts…

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