pokemon goHave you seen people running around in the streets trying to capture a pokemon?  Have you watched or listened to the news and heard about people causing accidents or rescuing lost toddlers because they are playing pokemon go?  Have you seen scores of adults and kids walking down the street with their heads bent down and eyes glued to their smartphones?  Well, we see that everyday so that one doesn’t count.  But unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you have in some way shape or form seen or heard about the worldwide phenomenon of Pokemon Go.

Now Pokemon has been around for decades.  My kids think Pokemon is a new thing but I had to school them.  Pokemon isn’t new, but the insanely popular app, Pokemon Go, is.  It debuted last month and quickly became one of the world’s most popular apps and has raked in billions of dollars.  What is Pokemon Go all about?  It’s really cool.  You search for and capture pokemon in the real world.  That’s right, I said the real world.  It uses the GPS and camera on your smartphone or tablet to find pokemon wherever you are located.  Plus you can train and fight other pokemon as well.  It’s free to download but trust there are lots of in-app purchases so players can enhance their playing experience.  Remember I said this app pulled in billions of dollars?  In-app purchases is how.

Dr. Marcella Wilson as Pokemon Go

Okay, so here are my outfit deets – My kicks are Adidas by Jeremy Scott, sweats by Forever 21 and tank top by H&M.

Have you or are you planning on downloading this app?  Why or why not?  If you are already playing Pokemon Go, be careful and safe out there.  And have a lot of fun, too!