Topics in this week’s edition include:

Internet Celeb Koutney Reppert Cyberstalking Woes
Kourtney built a huge following online as a successful internet model. But one fan took things to a whole new level.

Eddie Murphy Gets “Slayed” on Social Media
Eddie Murphy is the latest victim of a fake internet death rumor. Thankfully, he is alive and well, but what about his movie career?

Is Kris Humphries’ Ex having a Kid?
Is Kris Humphfries about to be a baby daddy? Well, if you listen to his ex, Myla Sinanaj, he is about to be a father. But wait! Turns out that may not be the case at all.

What do you think really went down between Kris Humphries and his ex?  Do you think they were really a legit couple or was Myle just a fill-in?  Do you believe it when you see online that a celebrity has passed?  Or do you wait to hear it on the television news before you believe it?

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