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If you have just started blogging or you have been doing it for a while, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got these 5 blog posts on your site.  Why?  Because these blog posts talk about you, your brand, speak to your customers and help make sales.  Remember, we don’t want to blog all willy-nilly with no purpose.  We want to blog to educate our readers so they can know, like and trust us.  We also want to provide content that consumers and decision makers are looking for to help them make an informed decision to buy.

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Alright, hopefully your blog is all set up.  Now, let’s get back to those 5 blog posts you must have on your mom blog.  Because there’s a lot of stuff you need to have on your blog, like a Contact page and so on.  But here are 5 blog post ideas that you need to have on your blog.  It doesn’t matter what you’re blogging about or what your niche is.  If your blog is your business, then  the following 5 blog post ideas will help your blog stand out and make customers.

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1. The Trailer Blog Post About You and Your Business

Every blog should have an About or Bio page.  The Bio or About page tells about you, how you got started, your education, credentials and experience.  However, it’s also a good idea to have a blog post that details exactly what you do.  I call this the Trailer Blog Post.  

I don’t know about you but I am a huge movie buff.  I love going to the movies and watching them on my couch.  Heck, I can sit for hours just watching that cable channel that shows movie previews for hours on end.  So, we are all familiar with movie previews or trailers.  A movie trailer is a 2-5 minute snapshot of what that movie is about.  Its purpose is to pique your interest and curiosity enough so that you’ll buy a ticket for that movie when it comes out.

Similarly, your trailer blog post shows your readers exactly what you do and (hopefully) gets them excited enough to work with you or invest in your products and services.  Your trailer blog post could be a simple as talking about a day in the life of your business or explaining how you help your readers.  The purpose is to give the reader a window in to see what it is that you do.  Also, it’s important to make sure you show readers how to buy your products and services at the end of this blog post.  Since you are talking about what you do, some people reading that blog post will want to take advantage of what you offer, so make it easy for them and show them exactly how they can become your customer.  

2. The Statistics Blog Post

In this blog post, you will talk about the most important statistics in your industry, niche or area of research.  However, you want to highlight statistics that talk about issues and problems in your industry.  Why?  Because you want to show a need to your readers and emphasize how your products and services solve them.  Remember, your readers are seeking you out because they want you to solve their pain points, problems and fulfill a need.  So, use valid stats to highlight their need.  

Here’s an example on how food bloggers specializing in quick, healthy meals, can use statistics in a blog post.  First, find stats about the alarming rates of obesity in America.  Better yet, find recent studies about how shifts in the economy and hours worked per week work lead to families eating together at the dinner table less frequently compared to several decades ago.  Show how this leads to eating unhealthy meals and ultimately obesity.  Next, highlight how you can help working moms create healthy meals quickly for her family after a long work day.

It’s expensive to live and raise a family.  Can I get a witness?  So, I help moms learn how to blog so that they can contribute income to their household.  I mean, if you’re a stay-at-home mom, it’s hard living on one budget.  Or if you are a working mom, many get a side-hustle to provide for extras like dance class, gymnastics or family vacations.  So it’s not enough just to blog about something.  To be really effective and helpful, know the issues in that industry and show how your blog can solve problems that your readers or those in your niche face.

3. The Customer Success Story Blog Post 

Have you helped others solve a problem or become successful as a result of your products and services? Then blog about it!  People love reading about how others overcame obstacles, solved issues or gained success.  Why not show case studies of people who have achieved results using your products and services?  

If you are not at the point where you have a customer success story, create a blog post saying you’ll do pro bono work to get more experience.  Have customers “pay” by filling out a before and after questionnaire or testimonial before the final rendering of services.  As a blogger, it can be challenging getting people to sign up for your eCourse or buy your services.  They may be wary of just taking your word that you can do what you say you can do.  But if other people have used you and think you’re great, your blog readers may be more than willing to try you out and give you a chance.  Whether you use testimonials or go the pro-bono route, they both are sure to bring in more customers to your blog.  

4. The Q&A Blog Post

Become the authority on your niche or industry by allowing yourself to be perceived that way. Give your best answers to the top 5 questions to your readers and (potential) customers most burning questions.  And don’t be afraid to answer the “bad” questions that others may be too afraid to tackle.  If you want to become the go-to person in your field, industry or niche, this is a great way to get started.  

Now, don’t be alarmed.  This is easier than you think.  You might be saying to yourself, I’m a fashion blogger or I blog about home decor.  There are no burning questions for me to answer.  Oh, but yes there is.  Your readers probably want to know where you buy your clothes at if you’re a fashion blogger.  If you blog about hair care, people wanna know the specific products you use to wash and style your hair.  Someone will always have questions about what you do and how you do it.  So, help them out and gain their trust by writing a Q&A post.

5. The “How To” Blog Post

What is the one thing people ask you how to do the most – as it relates to your blog? If you are a fitness blogger, are people always asking about how to flatten their abs?  Then make a blog post about exercises and diet tweaks readers can do to lose their mid-section.   Lots of my family and friends know I have this blog which talks about blogging.  So, I get asked how to start a blog A LOT.  That’s why I wrote a blog post that shows moms in 6 super-simple steps how to start a blog.  Therefore, make sure you include clear steps that take readers from start to finish.  It’s also a great idea to include images of each step to help the reader through the process.  In general, “How to” posts tend to be popular Google searches and on blog posts.  Try writing one for your blog and see how well year readers respond to it.


Well, there you have it.  The top 5 blog post ideas you need if you are trying to make a buck off your mom blog.  Want to add even MORE oomph to these 5 blog post ideas?  Create a video for each of these blog posts, upload them on YouTube and embed them in corresponding blog posts.  Now, your readers can read, see and hear about you and your business which makes your story even more compelling.  

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Please post in the comment section which one of these blog post ideas you are going to use the next time you blog.

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