One of my girlfriend’s celebrated her birthday in New York City. Me and a gaggle of friends, took the train to New York City to celebrate her birthday in style. On the train ride up and back, I noticed that most people had a nook, Kindle, iPad or laptop. Some were working furiously on their laptops but most were comfortably reading on their digital tablet or eReader.  Now, this is not a blog post about whether you should buy a Kindle or an iPad.  It’s about why you, as someone who wants to be an expert or appear more in the media, needs to have an eBook.

Reason #1 Why You Need an eBook – All experts have a book.
That train ride got me to thinking.  Previously, I had gone to workshop on how to be an expert in the media. The organizers were well-known casting directors for television and worked with many producers to find talent for television programs.   Upfront, she told us, the participants, that if you authored a book on a topic, that automatically makes you an expert.  Now, I gotta be honest. I left that workshop feeeling deflated. At the time I attended that workshop, I had recently finished my PhD. My dissertation was over 180 pages long and I worked the actual document – or shall I say book – for two years. The last thing I wanted to do was sit down and write another book.  I shelved that idea and went about other methods of getting into the media.

But let’s take a minuate and think about the process that I went through to get a Ph.D.  I worked with an advisor and conducted research on a specific topic. But in order to complete the requirements and graduate, I had to document my research and findings in my dissertation. I could have had the most cutting-edge, ground-breaking research ever conducted.  But if I don’t put pen to paper and write that dissertation, no one would ever know.  All that work and research I did wouldn’t matter unless I wrote that dissertation.   I could not finish unless I wrote a book on my research.

Now, you don’t have to write a dissertation to be an expert. But it helps if you can write a book on your expertise. Now I know what youre thinking. I didn’t go to school so I can’t be an expert. But you’re wrong. Everyone is an expert in something.  You don’t have to get fancy about your expertise. You are probably an expert in alot of areas but just don’t realize it. What are your hobbies? What topics do you like to read about? Do you follow a specific sport or sports team? You are probably an expert in those areas and didn’t even realize it. It helps if you enjoy the topic you are writing about because it’s not easy writing a book. So, it helps if you a least enjoy the topic.   The cool thing is anybody can write a book. Therefore, anyone can be an expert.

Check back next Friday, when I’ll post the second reason why you need an eBook.

Are you interested in writing an eBook?  What are you an expert in?  What would your book be about?  If you like this blog post, feel free to share it and post a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.