You Should have an eBookI’ve been fortunate to have appeared in the media many times.  In Reason #1 of Why You Need an eBook, I discussed how having an eBook builds your credibility, expertise and authority.   It’s easier for the press to use you if you’ve authored a book.  In this podcast, I detail the second reason of why you should have an eBook.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The second reason why you need an eBook

WWFY (What Worked For You)

“A book is what is called residual income in the business world. That means, it can keep earning money as long as its available. It’s like selling music. Think about Elvis or Michael Jackson. They continue to make millions of dollars annually selling music even though they are dead. This is because an artist creates a recording once, and it can sell repeatedly for years to come. A book is the same way… “
– Dr. Marcella Wilson

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