Yes, you really should sign up for an email subscription service.  Yes, there are some amazing free email subscription services out there.  Each expert should do what is best for them and fits their needs and their pocketbook.  Personally, I use Aweber for my email subscription list.  I do pay a small fee to use the service each month but it is well worth it.  I strongly recommend them and have never had any issues with their service.  Here is a short tutorial on how to set up your account and create your first list.  There are 12 easy steps and it should only take you about 10 minutes to complete.

Step #1 – You have to sign up with aweber before you can use it.  So if you have not done that already, please do so.  You click the link HERE and it will take you directly to Aweber‘s website.  It will only take you 5 minutes to sign up.

Step #2 – The first thing you need to do is create an email list.  Click the Create and Manage list link.

Create list for aweber email subscription service

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Step #3 – Click the Create List button

create a list for aweber email subscription service

Step #4 – Fill out the Basic Information section

Basic Information of aweber email subscription service

Step #5 – Fill out Notifications section

The email you put here doesn’t have to be your business email address.  It can be a personal one because Aweber will send you an email every time someone signs up for your newsletter.  I suggest using a personal email address for notification.  Then in that email account, create a folder called Aweber Subscriptions or something like that.  Next, create a filter so that all the emails notifying you about a new subscriber will go automatically into that folder without interrupting your daily routine.  This is a good thing to do because I know you’re going to have lots and lots of subscribers!

aweber email notifications

Step #6 – Click the Save Settings button

It will say “settings successfully saved” if everything is okay. If you’ve made some errors they will let you know.  It will show up in red text in the area that needs to be corrected.

Step #7 – Scroll to top of the list and click the “Personalize your list” link next the number 2.

personalize your aweber email subscription list

Step #8 – Enter your Company Branding information.
So enter the company name or your name, the URLl (make sure you put http:// before the web address or it will give you an error) , your email signature and upload a photo of your logo or yourself.

aweber company branding
Step  #9 – Fill out the Social Media / Sharing section if you have Twitter and/or Facebook accounts for your expertise.  Please do not use your personal Twitter and Facebook accounts for this.  If you opt in for this service, Aweber will send out automatic tweets and facebook posts, each time you send out an email newsletter. Pretty , cool huh?

I know there is a section 3 on Global Text Snippets. I don’t really mess with this section that much. I suggest you skip it for now.

Step #10 – Click the Save Settings button

Step #11 – Click the “Confirmed Opt-In” link next to the number 3

aweber's confirmation opt-in

There are 3 areas that you can edit.  I suggest that you put in your own wording and personalize the language.  When you click on the dark grey edit box next to any of the 3 editable areas, the area will become active.  Let’s take a closer look at those 3 areas that you can modify the language.

Area #1  – Choose a pre-approved subject.  You will see a drop down list where you can pick a subject for the confirmation email that your subscribers will receive.  Or you can create one of your own.  You can choose a field from the dropdown list (insert drop_down image).  I suggest using firstname or name.  This allows the first word in the subject line to be the subscribers name, then in the empty text box below it, write out the rest of the subject line that you want.

customize aweber's email subscription letter

Area 2 – Aweber gives you a standard response.  But feel free to write what you want to.  You also have the option of personalizing it by inserting fields in the dropdown list above the text box.

aweber confirmation letter

Area 3 – Signature here I suggest putting your motto or tagline.  I also suggest thanking them again and letting them know you’ll be talking to them later.

cusotmize your email closing in aweber

Scroll down and you’ll see next to step 2 “Require opt-in on web forms”.  I recommend leaving this alone.  Just make sure on is highlighted in green and move to step 3 on that page.

Step 3 on that page is the “Success Page”.  This is the page where Aweber tells your subscribers that the process of signing up is not done yet.  They have to go to their email account, check for the email from Aweber and click on the activation link inside the email.  You can use Aweber’s standard Basic Page or you can use Custom Page and create your own.  I created a custom page because it keeps subscribers on my website.  Check it out here.  You’ll see a blank text box where you enter the URL of your custom page.

IMPORTANT – Now if you notice on my site, I offer a free eBook if you sign up for my email newsletter.  So if you are giving your subscribers a freebie, this page is NOT where you should have the download link for your subscribers.  At this point, when your subscriber sees this page, he or she has not confirmed his email account.  You do not want to give out your freebie until the email address is confirmed.  But let your subscriber know in this email that their freebie is coming as soon as they click the subscription activation link.

You’ll see a check box that says “Pass subscriber info for personalizing this page.  (Not recommended for WordPress  users)”.  Since I am a WordPress user, I do not check this box.

Step #12 – Click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.

Okay, you’ve set up your email list but you still got some more work to do.  Don’t worry, it will only take a few more minutes. Click HERE for the second part of setting up your Aweber email subscription service. And if you haven’t done so already, please sign up for my weekly Tech Know email newsletter where I can give you more tutorials and information that you won’t find on my blog.