Dr. Marcella Wilson - Do I need social media?Dr. Marcella Wilson - Do I need social media?

I have been asked this question so many times.  Social media is everywhere and its power is undeniable.  We’ve all heard the stories of people who became “internet famous” from a viral video, tweet or meme.  Did you know that Justin Bieber got discovered on YouTube?  Let’s be honest, YouTube stars are just as popular as mainstream celebrities in music, television and film.  If you have a million YouTube subscribers or 500,000 Instagram followers, you can write you own ticket and quit your day job. But not everyone is sold on social media.

And while so many people like social media, they don’t really want to be bogged down with the day in and day out grind of posting and updating it for their business.  So that begs the question, do I really need to consistently update my social media accounts to build my business or brand?  Do I have to post every day or on a regular basis?

Most people have social media accounts.  In other words, most people have a few of the following accounts: Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.  Most people use their social media accounts for personal reasons and they update them when they want to.  And that’s fine.  Personally, I recommend everyone getting the social media accounts of their name on the major social media accounts, even if you don’t use it.  However, if you are trying to make money or build your brand, I highly suggest securing your business name in “the fab four” social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and twitter.  If you don’t want to get four because that’s too overwhelming, just get a Facebook page.  Why Facebook?  Because Facebook is the number 2 site in the world – Google is #1.  So it’s the top social media platform.  Therefore, if you are going to go with only one social media account, go with Facebook.

In closing, the answer to the question is yes.  Yes, you do need social media to build your business.  Why?  It is a great way to get information out about your business to the public for free.  If you have a lot of followers, great things will begin to happen.  Companies and brands will begin to approach you for sponsorship opportunities and you can sell you products and services to your following.  You can build a career or business solely off of social media.  So it really is a gift.  It may not seem worthwhile to invest the time and effort in social media if you are just starting out or only have a few hundred or thousand followers (or even less).  But if you can grow your numbers, build an audience, your business will explode.

Another question I get asked a lot is what is the best social media platform to use?  Should I focus on all of them, one or a few?  Check me out next week when I will tackle that topic.  But in the meantime, what is your business and what social media accounts do you use?