How to Have Your Readers Create Your Blog Content

Past research has shown that 25% of people will buy from you the first time they visit your blog.  What about the other 75%?  They are in the decision-making process.  They are looking at your blog to see if you solve their problem, pain or fill their need.  The goal of your blog is to convince the remaining 75% to buy from you.  You do that through your content.  More specificially, user-generated content.  It is the content that other people create that convinces your readers to buy your products and services.  This is the content that you do not write but is highly popular among readers and search engines. It is the content that your readers create when they have bought or are considering buying products and services. This type of content includes (but is not limited to):

  • Discussion forums
  • Comments
  • Product Reviews
  • New uses for Products
  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies

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The above list is not a complete list. There are many others ways that consumers produce content for your blog. The wonderful thing about user-generated content is that it bolsters your products and services online for your benefit. It’s a bonus that this type of content is that it requires little to work on your part. And if we go back to the mantra of working smarter, not harder, this is definitely a great way to do that.

Another benefit of user generated content is it builds credibility and trust in your readers or potential customers. Earlier, I discussed how simply having a blog will boost your authority and credibility with readers. So, in addition to the faith your readers have in you, what if they can also read comments, user reviews, and discussions from online groups that tout your products and services? What this creates is the reader’s iron clad confidence in you and it’s only a matter of time before they become your customer.

We are living in the information age. The Internet brings a wealth of information at our fingertips. Many tap into that huge knowledge base on the Internet before making a purchase. I don’t know about you, but I don’t make a purchase before I check it out online to see if I can find a coupon, get the cheapest price and find out if it is a good product. A study conducted in 2012 that found that 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. That study was repeated in 2013, and the percentage jumped to 79%! Another study found that up to 90% of purchases were influenced by online reviews. Therefore, include content on your site that consumers are looking for and can create on their own.

How often do you buy from the blogs that you frequent the most?  Post your answer in the comment section below.


2 Reasons Why Black Friday Will Become Obsolete

This is my favorite time of year!  It’s the Holiday Season!  I love it!  I look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and friends.  And yes I am one of those people who are super serious about decorating my home for Christmas.   I love that we all have to pull out our boots, sweaters, pea coats and fuzzy hats to stay warm outside.  But you know what I love most of all?  Christmas shopping!  And the crown jewel of all the shopping days is Black Friday.  Yes, that day after Thanksgiving when you can get unbelievable deals.  So am I one of those folks who will sleep outside to get a Black Friday deal?  Well, no.  But I have  stood in line for hours on Black Friday.  Yes, I am a little ashamed to admit that a few years ago, I was at the mall at 2:00 am shopping when I really should have been sleeping off my Turkey dinner. This year, I’m not going to head out to the malls for any Black Friday sales.  I’m not gonna dash out on Thanksgiving or Friday.  I vowed I was going to stay home and hang out with my family.  But you know what?  Black Friday as we know it may becoming a thing of the past.  Here are 2 reasons why:

  1. Mission Creep – Every retailer is trying to outdo each other by offering their sales earlier and earlier.  Retailers are vying for consumer dollars and they are doing everything they can to offer the best deal as early as possible.  Remember how Black Friday got started.   Retailers were closed on Thanksgiving and the next day – Black Friday – was the official kick-off to the Christmas shopping holiday season.  So, on Black Friday, stores began opening at 5 am or at midnight and we’d see people on the news camping out in front of Best Buy or Walmart to be the first in line to get those amazing sales.  Then a few years ago, Target and Walmart decided to open on Thanksgiving and begin their “Black Friday” sales early.  Their employees were mad that they had to work on Thanksgiving but people turned out in droves to get those Black Friday deals a day early.  Subsequently, many other retailers, store chains and malls began to follow suit by opening on Thanksgiving to offer special sales and Black Friday prices for their customers.  Now this year, retailers are upping the ante by offering pre-Black Friday sales or Black Friday prices before Thanksgiving.  I have seen many advertisements stating that Black Friday prices will be offered weeks before Thanksgiving.  It’s only a matter of time before Black Friday will be stripped of its title as best shopping day of the year.
  2. Cyber Monday – As shopping on Black Friday and Thanksgiving are becoming more and more popular, many are choosing to opt out of the chaos.  Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  On Cyber Monday, consumers can get great deals online through their favorite retailers.  Who wants to wait in line for hours when you can make the same purchase with the click of a mouse!  In general, more and more consumers are flocking online to make their everyday purchases like groceries, toys, tickets and gifts.  Now, savvy consumers are skipping the mall on Black Friday and waiting until Cyber Monday to get the best sale prices for the holiday season.

So, what are you going to do on Black Friday?  Are you going to hit the mall on Thanksgiving or Black Friday?  Or will you wait until Cyber Monday to get the sales?  Maybe you’re skipping the shopping rush all together?  Write a comment and let me know…

Blogs: How to Make Money Online (Lesson #4) – Blogs Generate Income

Everyone wants to know how to make money online.  It the question I get asked the most.  This is NOT a get-rich quick scheme.  However, if done correctly over time, you can build a comfortable, fun lifestyle that you dream of.

This is the one thing I get asked about the most. How do I make money off of a blog? There are numerous ways you can make money from your blog. I am not going in depth on that subject now because that is not the purpose of this book. But know that you can sell your products from your blog, sell space on your blog (allow other businesses to advertise on your web site) and a whole host of other ways to bring in income from your blog. I speak about this topic a lot in my workshops, seminars, etc. So, if you are interested, visit to find out the next time I’m speaking on that topic.

I talk about working smarter, not harder.  Meaning, you do the work once and get paid for that work over and over again.  This is called residual income.  You are leveraging your time to make money.  A good example of this is selling an eBook on your blog.

What ideas do you have to make money off your blog?  Post your answer in the comment section below.

Blogs: How to Make Money Online (Lesson #3) – Blogs Position You as an Expert

Did you know that only 40% of small businesses have a blog? Just think about that for a second. Having blog levels the playing field. You can appear to be as professional and as an experienced as the next business man. Anyone can start a blog on any topic of their choosing. From that blog, one can build a huge following which enables more opportunities and prospects. Building a following is very important. Once you have an audience and can show that people come to your blog to read what you have to say, you can sell to them, get hired by other companies and get sponsors. All this means more credibility and income for you.

Everyone has their favorite blogs that they visit regularly.  Some of the those bloggers don’t have any formal education or experience in the topic they are blogging about.  But people are coming to their blog in droves to read it.  Why?  Because of that blog, people view that blogger as an EXPERT.  They have a VOICE, are building and AUDIENCE and are using it to make money.

Why do people go to blogs anyway?  To be educated or entertained.  You go to a blog to be informed on a topic, educated, see something funny or learn something.  You go to that blog because you have a need.  You may be bored, need financial help or have some other type of pain point.  Your job is solve that readers pain point via your blog.  When you do this effectively, readers will begin to like you and trust your message.  In turn, they will buy into your message and more than likely buy your products and services.

What is your blog about?  Do you educate or entertain your readers?  Post your answer in the comment section below.

Blogs: How to Make Money Online (Lesson #1) – Keep Your Blog Current

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A blog is a great tool to build the trust of your reader and get them to buy one of your products and services.  A blog is perceived as current when it has up-to-date blog posts. That sends a signal to reader that this blog has the latest information and is continuously updated. Your reader will think, I will check back tomorrow or next week to see what new information this blog shares.

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A blog that hasn’t been updated sends out a signal to the reader:

  • You don’t care about this topic
  • You are not serious about this topic
  • You are not a professional in this industry

Blogging is good for your business.  But in order for someone to buy from you, first they have to like and trust you first.  So today, decide to stick with a consistent blogging schedule.  If you are just starting out, I suggest blogging at least once a week.  But what ever you decide, the key is to be consistent so your blog stays current and up to date.

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Make a decision of how many times a week and the days of the week you will update your blog.  Post your decision in the comment section below.

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