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In this blog post, I discuss my personal Tailwind pinning strategy.  In my previous blog postHow I used Tailwind to Increase my sales over 1000% this year!”, I shared a general strategy on how to pin images from your blog post to Pinterest.  So if you have not read that post, you should probably start there to get a solid foundation on pinning images to Pinterest. This blog post is a little more advanced where I detail my Tailwind pinning strategy for boosting blog traffic.  

BoardBooster is Dead

I guess by now everyone has heard that BoardBooster is dead.  If you want to know more about why BoardBooster was banned by Pinterest and ultimately died, check out this letter Pinterest sent to its users.  But anyway, lots of bloggers used BoardBooster to automate pinning images (pins) to Pinterest. I used BoardBooster briefly but it tanked my blog traffic, so I stopped using BoardBooster last year. 

But I gotta admit that BoardBooster had a pretty cool looping feature that I and many other bloggers swore by. That looping feature allowed Pinterest users to repin their Pinterest pins to a board over and over again – like a loop.  It was a feature that you could set and forget. BoardBooster would loop your pins on a Pinterest board until you turned the looping off.  I’m sure it was BoardBooster’s most popular feature. But now that Pinterest has banned BoardBooster, Tailwind is working on creating its own looping feature for its users.  However, it is not available just yet.  But you know that I will let you know when that feature is available.


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How I Used Tailwind to Increase My Sales By 1000% This Year

My Pinning Strategy

But have no fear, even though looping isn’t available on Tailwind yet, you can still use Tailwind to schedule your Pinterest pins and bring in tons of traffic to your blog.   It took me a minute to figure out a pinning strategy that worked. But once I did, I created a successful formula that results in bringing in tons of traffic and sales to my blog.  Here it is.

1. Create a WordPress blog post

The first thing I do is create content for my readers.  Now, this content should be something that will help, educate, entertain or inform your target audience.  This will be different for every blogger but the key is to write a blog post on a topic that your readers will be dying to read.  I use WordPress blogging software for my blog and am very happy with it. If you need any help with how to create a WordPress blog, check out my blog post where I give you step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

2. Create a blog post image that doubles as a Pinterest pin

I believe that each blog post should have some type of media in it – an image, video, infographic or something to that effect.  This is super-important because your readers don’t want to read blocks and blocks of text. Adding an image or video will break up the text and beautify the blog post.  I create an image using the same dimensions as a Pinterest pin for each blog post. Yes, creating videos and infographics also generate great results and interaction, but it takes more time for me to create.  I can crank out a Pinterest pin/blog post image in 10-15 minutes in Canva. And I don’t know about you, but I’m always pressed for time. But the real reason I create images over videos and other forms of media?  Well, keep reading…

3. Post my blog post image to Pinterest

The reason I create a blog image/Pinterest pin for each blog post is because I (and my readers!) can pin that blog post image to Pinterest.  Once that blog post image/pin is on Pinterest, I know that tons of traffic – and sales – will follow. So here’s how I do it. So, let’s say you want to pin one image once to Pinterest.  I don’t normally do this for my blog post pins because I pin them over and over to Pinterest. But I may pin an image only once when I find some cool dress or hairstyle on Pinterest that I want to save.  (Psst – so that’s the other cool thing about Tailwind. You can schedule your own pins or any other image you find on the internet on Pinterest!)




Once I publish my blog post that contains the image that doubles as a Pinterest pin, I click the “Save” button.  

But in order to use this “Save” button, you have to first install the Pinterest Pin it plugin on your WordPress blog.  Click HERE to download the plugin.

When you click “Save”, another window should pop up that lets you pin your blog post image to a Pinterest board.  That’s it! Pretty easy, right?  Now is where things get interesting….



4. Find your 10 best performing group boards

Now, at this point, you need to be following at least 10 group boards.  So, if you haven’t done so already, research and join some Pinterest group boards.  This may take a week or so (or even longer!) to get your first 10 boards, but as a Pinterest user, you should always be joining new group boards on a regular basis.  

If you’ve been following a bunch of group boards for a while, then go to Tailwind’s “Board Insights” to find your 10 best performing boards.  Now, when I say best performing, I mean the boards that are gaining the most followers and pins are getting repinned often. The cool thing about Tailwind is that it does all the work for you.  It already ranks your group boards in order to tell you which ones are performing the best.

So, go to Board Insights.

tailwind board insights

Make sure that “Secret Boards” and “Regular Boards” are unchecked.  

tailwind strategy


Jot down the top 10 Group Boards that Tailwind gives you.  Here’s a sample of what it will look like…

tailwind group boards
5. Make 10 Boards Lists from your 10 best performing group boards

Here is exactly how I do it.  Go to the Board Lists section of Tailwind.

tailwind board lists


Now you need to create 10 Board Lists.  It’s simple to do.  Just follow my example.

tailwind tutorial

6. Pin your 10 Best performing pins to the 10 Board Lists

When you have your 10 Board Lists all set up, go to Tailwind’s “Pin Inspector” and find your top 10 best performing Pinterest pins.  After I have my top pins, I’ll go to my blog and schedule each pin in Tailwind.  

I want to pin my 10 blog images, but I don’t want to pin all 10 images to all 10 boards on the same day.  Here is where the SmartSchedule and intervals come in handy.

Click inside the text box where you see the “Type a Board Name” text.  Type in the name of your first Board List  you want to pin an image to.

tailwind pinterest marketing


Once all of the Board List is added, click the “use interval” button and set the “Min. time between each pin” to 1d. (1 day).  Then, click the green “Set Interval” button. You should see a schedule preview of the days and time your pin will be pinned to Pinterest. This is amazing because Pinterest will post that pin once a day – to the 10 different boards on the board list each day – at the best possible time of day to get more repins and engagement.

tailwind scheduling


Next, click the green “Schedule Now” button in the top, right corner of the screen.

pinterest marketing tips

Now all you have to do is watch your blog traffic soar!

Why I use Tailwind

I love Tailwind because it automates pinning to Pinterest for me.  So what does that really mean? I can schedule the dates and times I want to pin an image to Pinterest in advance.  But that’s not all. Once I sign up for Tailwind and upload my Pinterest profile, they’ll analyze it for me and come up with a personalized schedule that suggests the best times to pin each day.  It’s called SmartSchedule. So every time I schedule a pin in Tailwind using SmartSchedule, I know that more of my followers will see it and it’s more likely to get repinned. Yay! The wonderful thing about all of this is that I don’t have to be on Pinterest at all hours of the day because Tailwind pins my images that I have schedule for me.

Click here to sign up for Tailwind.

In general, using Pinterest is a great way to get traffic to your blog.  Personally, Pinterest exploded my blog traffic which resulted in an 1000+% increase in sales.  I achieved this by creating blog posts on topics that my readers love. Each blog post contains an image that doubles as a Pinterest pin. Then using the Tailwind strategy detailed in this blog post, I schedule that blog post pin on Pinterest.  I spend 2 hours once a month scheduling all of my blog post images on Pinterest via Tailwind. And as a result, I am making money blogging. If I can find 2 hours once a month to generate extra income for my family, I know you can do it too.

Tailwind is a  service that I pay for.  However, I was able to try it out for free to see how it worked and if I liked them before I decided to pay for their service.  If you would like to try Tailwind for yourself, you can click on the link below to activate your FREE TRIAL.  I do want to disclose that the link is an affiliate links and if you do decide to pay for Tailwind, I may receive a small percentage of the transaction.  But it doesn’t cost you anything extra if you use the service.

Tailwind – This free trial has no time limit.  You can schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest.   So, you’ve got nothing to lose!  Sign up today and start making sales!

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Don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know if you use Pinterest to bring traffic to your blog.



Dr. Marcella Wilson


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  1. Estie@HealthyFamilyandMe

    Hi, thanks for sharing this great tailwind pinning strategy. With group boards though you usually have to pin 1 to 1. Do you manually pin from the group board? And, how do you make sure you pin the same amount from the group board as Tailwind has pinned to it in order to stick to the rules?


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