urban decay cosmetics vice appI don’t know about you, but I love lipstick.  I will be honest.  I have big lips and I love to paint them with all kinds of bright, dark, shiny, or matte lipstick colors.  Nothing fills me with glee more than walking into a department store and seeing rows upon rows of colors I can put on my lips.  I’m usually happy until I see the price because I really don’t understand how lipstick in $90 (Why? Christian Louboutin, why?).  But that’s another story.  But look, sometimes you’re not shopping at the mall, right?  Nowadays, so much shopping is done on mobile apps.  I, for one, need to forget about retail therapy because I do so much mobile app shopping that I need to go into smart phone therapy.  For reals.  Anyway, lots of people shop for lipstick on apps but that can be really tricky, right?  Cuz the color looks one way on your smartphone screen and then when you get the lipstick you ordered, the color is completely different.  This one of the main reasons I have never bought lipstick from Avon.  But listen, I’ve got a great app for ya!

urban decay cosmetics vice app

Check it out.  I love Urban Decay and they have created the most bomb lipstick app ever called Vice Lipstick.  Once you download the app, you’ll see it has two sections called “See the Full Lineup” and “Experiment with Vice”.  In the “Experiment with Vice” section, just take a selfie and the app will recommend colors for you to try on based on your skin tone and coloring.  You give a thumbs up to the colors you like or a thumbs down to the colors that you hate.  Can you say, swipe left?  Then the app saves all the lipstick colors you gave a thumbs up to and the corresponding pic of you wearing that shade.

But I love the “See the Full Lineup” section the best.  Pick a shade you want to try on and it becomes a la Snapchat where you see the lipstick color on you in real-time.  I love how this app lets you literally “try on” the lipstick.  The only con I have is that it does not let you order the lipstick directly from the app.  But I am sure they are working on that right now as we speak.  I just love that you can try it the lipstick on first and see what it looks like before you buy it.  Because I never, ever, ever use those testers in the stores.  Yucky!  Anyway, download the app for free and try it out!!  Tell me how you like it in the comments below.