You guys know that my dearly beloved Beats by Dre headphones died about a month ago.  So it was time to invest in another pair of headphones.  I kept putting it off because I didn’t feel like taking the time to find out what the best headphones were.  You see, I love to research things before I buy them.  But with school starting and a couple of other projects on deck, I didn’t want to add another thing to my “To Do” list.  But I had to do something soon because my workouts were suffering.  Well, one day I came home and boom, my hubby had the new Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones.  He was touting them as the new hotness but I was skeptical.  But after I tried them, I was completely wowed.


These headphones have so many cool features and advantages.  I will tell you about the ones that I was most impressed with.  The Bose QuietComfort headphones are lightweight and wireless so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in any wires.  Users can expect about 20 hours of battery life from these headphones (which is just amazing – that’s like almost a whole day!).  And even double the battery life if wired.  However, you will need to download the Bose connect app so you can easily manage pairing your headphones to your devices.  In other words, since the headphones are wireless, you’ll need to tell the headphones which device (iPad, phone, etc.) it needs to get the audio from.


I love to travel but usually I get bored and antsy on flights.  I love to bring my iPad and watch movies to distract me and pass the time while in flight.  I have bought numerous noise-cancellation headphones in the past to use on airplane rides.  For me, there is nothing worse than getting on a flight, getting all comfortable and realizing that I can’t hear the audio with my noise-cancelling headphones once I hit the play button.  Horrible.  I just want to cry when that happens.  But you won’t have that problem with the Bose QuietComfort wireless headphones.  No sir!  These headphones are amazing.  They block out the outside noise and you can hear the audio crystal clear.


These headphones will run you about $350.  Now, I know that ain’t cheap but it’s worth it.  I am definitely on a budget.  In all purchases, I’m always looking for ways to save money and stretch a dollar.  However, I’m at the point in my life where it doesn’t pay to spend less money if I don’t get the desired result.  Do you know what I’m saying?  That’s just a waste of time and money for me.  I’m happy to pay a little more for things if it is exactly what I want and need.  Have no fear, get them now.  These headphones are worth every cent.

I have used Bose products (like my alarm clock) for many years.  And I can truly say these headphones are another great product by this company.   So, have you used a Bose product before?   Are you in need of new headphones?  Or are you one of those people who love to rock the latest and greatest tech toys?  Let me know your answers in the comment section below.  But if you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the product for you.   I would love to know what you think about these headphones.