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I am the proud owner of several successful short-term rental properties.  I plan to continue to acquire short-term rental properties and create a short-term rental empire.  Now, it wasn’t always that way. I was always the “hotel girl” and looked for a nice hotel when I had to stay overnight somewhere other than my home.  However, a rough stint in a Disney Land hotel changed all that for me.  You can read more about my first AirBnb experience here. After that, I began staying in short-term rental properties when traveling with my family and got the idea to start a short-term rental business of my own.

The rise of the short-term rental industry has exploded over the past several years and shows no sign of slowing down.  AirBnb alone made billions last year. Many people have turned a spare bedroom, basement, unit or property that they own into a short-term rental as a way to earn extra or full-time income.  But the key to having a profitable short-term rental is to get consistently booked.  

My short-term rental properties stay booked and have been profitable from the start.  And because of that, my family, friends and even the guests that stay in my short-term rentals always ask me how to set up and run a short-term rental property as a business.  Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to share all the knowledge I have acquired over the past several years to help you set up and run a profitable, successful short-term rental property.   

But more importantly, this blog seeks to help you understand the life transformation that earning an extra $1,000 each month or each week from your short-term rental can provide.  And give you the motivation and confidence to acquire properties that create consistent income for your life and your children’s lives for years to come – generational wealth! 

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About Dr. Marcella Wilson

disneylandMy family is a Disney family.  We always go to a Disney park or cruise for our summer vacations.  About 3 years ago, after staying in a Disneyland hotel I had had it.  I couldnt take being jammed up in a hotel suite with my husband and 3 kids.  I enjoyed DisneyLand but was miserable when I came back to the hotel. We were planning on going to Disney World the next summer and I was secretly dreading it.  Not because I didnt want to go to Disney World but because I didnt want to be stuffed into a hotel suite with my family.

One day, I was venting to one of my friends who travels to Disney World frequently and she suggested that I rent an airbnb for our upcoming vacation.  Of course, I had heard of Airbnbs but had never used one. I took her advice and booked a home about a mile from Disney World. We had a wonderful time at Disney World while we attended the parks and just chilling at “home”. I was hooked. I knew that I would never stay in a hotel if my whole family was with me.  I was an airbnb convert.

But something else happened.  My husband and I got an idea. We had always been interested in real estate investing and renting out properties.  But we never agreed on what to buy and thus never got started. After our Disney world trip, we both decided that we would buy a home and rent it out as a short-term rental property.  We knew absolutely NOTHING about the short-term rental business so we did a lot of research. It was scary buying a house and waiting for people to book it. But all that hard work paid off.  We now run several successful short-term properties.  

I have made it my goal to help spread the word about how to quickly set up a short-term rental property.

Because of my expertise in this area, my advice and tips have been quoted extensively in online, print and national news media outlets such as (but not limited to): 

✔ Redbook Magazine

✔ Fox News


✔ WJZ-TV News

✔ WUSA 9 News

✔ The Detroit Free Press Newspaper

✔ The Atlantic

You may be in the same place I was a few years ago.  You are ready to find a way to earn extra income and make a change in you and your family’s lives.  You are interested in starting a short-term rental business but need clarity on what you want to achieve and concrete steps that will get your business up and running.  MarcellaWilson.com can help you do all those things. Please be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter to get all the latest tips and trends in the industry.

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