Did you know that people aged 60 and over are the fastest growing segment of AirBnb hosts?  Yes they are! In the last few years there has been a boom in AirBnb hosts aged 60 and older and the numbers are staggering.  Currently, there are over 400,00 AirBnb hosts that are aged 60 and older. And in 2017 online, these older AirBnb hosts generated over $2 Billion in profits.  Yes, that is billion with a “B”! Seniors are renting our homes or entire homes on Airbnb in 

So why is becoming an AirBnb host so popular now among older adults?  Well, let’s take a look at three reasons why.   

1. They have the space to turn their home into an AirBnb

Many retirees have grown children who do not live with them.  Their children have moved to other areas, started lives of their own or are raising their own families.  It’s the whole “empty nest” syndrome” when all of the children have moved out leaving their parents with an empty house.  Typically, this is when most retirees downsize to a smaller living arrangement because there is no need for a larger property.  However, some savvy older AirBnb hosts are utilized the extra space in their house by becoming AirBnb hosts.

2. AirBnb Income helps Retirees afford to stay in their home

Look, it’s expensive out here. And many retirees rent out rooms or levels in their home to help pay the bills.  Some, not all, retirees are on fixed incomes.  And that can be a scary thing. Especially if that fixed income can’t cover all of your expenses.  Everyone wants to retire and keep the same standard of living they had as when they were working. But when you are on a fixed income, sometimes that is just not possible.  In fact, another reason why many retirees have to downsize is because they are trying to reduce their bills since they are on a fixed income. So adding short-term rental income to their situation allows them to stay in their home and continue living at or above the standard of living that they were used to when they were working.

3. Retirees can work from home

In this technological age, the “laptop lifestyle” is becoming more and more common.  Companies are giving their employees flexible work schedules and telecommuting options. Then you have individuals who are running successful side-hustles or million dollar businesses right from their home computer.  AirBnb allows retirees to advertise their home and generate income online without ever having to leave the house. Sounds good to me! Being an AirBnb host is great for retirees if they need to work because it allows them to work and never leave the house!

As I go about my day, I see older adults doing all types of jobs – greeting people at Wal-mart, working at the bank – you name it.  Older adults are a vital part of the workforce. But sometimes I wonder, do they really want to be working? I don’t know. But I know that when I reach my golden years, I don’t want to do 8 hour shifts for an employer.   I just don’t. I want to continue growing my short-term rental business and spend more time with my children who maybe will have families of their own. I want to dictate if and when I work. And having a short-term rental property on AirBnb allows retirees to do just that.   

Are YOU interested in Becoming an AirBnb Host?

So you have just learning 3 reasons why more and more retirees are becoming AirBnb hosts.  Do you know any retirees that have expressed interest in becoming an AirBnb host? Or maybe you are interested in becoming an AirBnb host?

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