I was sitting at my kitchen table eating lunch yesterday when I got that exact text from a friend I hadn’t seen in years. “Am I too old to learn??” She obviously had been thinking about blogging for a while but had reservations because of her age. I replied to her a resounding “No!” because I truly believe that you should never stop learning and always be open to new things. Plus there is no age limit on blogging. Like, anybody can do it!

We continued to text about how she could get started in one of my blogging courses asap. But that got me to thinking about this book I am reading …

Right now, I am almost finished reading “The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level” by Gay Hendricks. My PhD dissertation mentor suggested a few months ago that I read this book. Shout out to Dr. Carter-Veale! Anywho, this book talks about how we as humans limit ourselves and talk ourselves out of doing the very things that we want to do. The things we are called to do and know we should be doing. But we let fear – not faith in ourselves – rule. We ignore that spark inside of us that is telling us to follow that dream, change your career or help others.

Now, I still have dreams and goals that I am trying to achieve. That’s why I am going through business coaching and reading “The Big Leap”. But I do know a few things about myself. I have the gift of teaching and I love blogging. I have a strong education in Computer Science and many years of technical experience. I am solid in what I know and what I do.

I also know that the numerous people who text, email, call and DM me on a regular basis about wanting to blog really want to do it but have some fear that holds them back. That’s why I created my “Blogging 4 Bucks” and “Start a Blog in 7 Days” email courses. So, if you too are thinking about starting a blog, why not take a chance on yourself?

If you think that you’ll need extra help or hand-holding through the course, get the coaching option where I have a personalized, one-on-one session with you. I am here for YOU.

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